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Brandmaner 09-23-2010 09:02 PM

Bah.. Another Issue.
Okay so I have another problem found out we have to move out in about 8months. So we have already found a place... thankfully that the people will have there lease up a month before we must be out so we can put a deposit on it. (Have the landlord holding for us thankfully he's a nice guy!) But when I asked about fish aquariums.. he said the LARGEST allowed is preferablly a 55G or less. I begged and pleaded to get a 75G which I assured him is the exact same size except like 6inches wider and 3/8 inches taller. My main question here is.. can my stocking plan work in a 55g Fine, or do I really need the 75 G? Here is going to be my ending stockings as far as FISH goes.. I'll have inverts and more plants.

2 Angel Fish (One Adult, one Juvvy.) *MAYBE more if room allows later on.*
5 GloFish (Currently have 3) *Maybe more here also since I heard they like schoals*
6 Peppered Cory Cats *need 1 more*
6 Albino Cory Cats *need 4 more*
4 Platys (3 Females 1 Male- Have)
I currently also have 5 Guppies, like 3 males 2 females.. was more females but they disappeared :shock:... Still never found them..

So question still awaits an answer.. should I just do the 55G with a nice planted tank (maybe a few more angels.. or something else..) with a sand bed, (plan to get MTS and some weird worm I was reading about that will crawl threw the sand. They will be added to the tank wayyy before the fish will to get a feel of the place first.) Plan to make the sand bed between 2 to 3inches so I can grow almost any plants.

Well thanks for any advice, information or anything else in advance. I can do either tank.. Just I want to know if the 55G will work just fine or if I need the bigger one. I prefer the bigger one but don't want to buy and upset my landlords in the next few years haha!

Romad 09-24-2010 04:53 AM

Can you have two tanks in sep. rooms? (Any excuse to set up another tank LOL).

SinCrisis 09-24-2010 10:27 AM

Your stocking looks a little bio heavy for a 55 but if you have the right filtration and water change schedule, its definitely doable. Guppys will breed so that will have to be taken into consideration.

I thought angels need to shoal or be kept in mated pairs?

Byron 09-24-2010 03:24 PM

Are the angels together now? If not, this can be troublesome. The reason angels should always be in a group is the social aggresson within the group. Two males for instance will tear at each other, especially if one is smaller or they are brought together later after one is settled in the tank. A group of 4-5 in a 55g would be nice, all acquired at the same time and approximately the same size to avoid aggression as much as possible.

The livebearers will be breeding constantly with 3 f/1 m platy and the guppies.

Brandmaner 09-24-2010 08:00 PM

Well the plats, guppies are going to be gone.. Corys, Angels, glofish any suggestions for maybe a few other fish to stock and such. THANKS!

Brandmaner 09-25-2010 05:54 AM

News update.. I lost my first fish in 2 years.. :( my male platy died.. which I only bought 3 weeks ago. Not sure why he died. He was eating fine yesterday... woke up this morning with him stuck to the filter intake. Everyone else seems as if nothing has happened. SO now there are only 3 Female Platys left. The guppies I love.. but if I keep guppies in my newer tank I'd only have males probally. Even if I did get say.. 5 females and 3 males or so.. I don't think I'd ever have to worry about fry because anytime any are born now my Angels have a great live dinner.. harhar. And Byron my angels where not bought together and one is a juvvy while the other is almost 3yrs old now. For the first.. 2weeks~ they fought a bit with the big one picking at the little one. But now they just hang out together EVERYWHERE they go. It's nearly impossible to catch them apart. But I just got my check in the mail yesterday for 3364$. First thing I got to do is pay off my 700$ CC.. stupid thing always gets ran up when I start traveling back and forth to school. (80miles to and from PER day.. and I drive a mustang blah stupid gas lol.) So I'm going to go look at tanks today. My fiance said she doesn't want another wooden stand.... she'd rather have a metal stand. (My wooden ones always seem to become the perfect home for MANY spiders... Lol... We even caught a baby snake out of one.. about 3 months ago. Not even sure how it got in the house. ) I'm hopig to find a nice 75G, nice metal stand, glass tops for the tank, good lights for growing plants, and hopefully a canopy to hide all the mess top stuff. For around 300-350$ would be ideal to save money to maybe payoff my mustang also. (Only owe another 2400$ WOOT WOOT!).

Well advice where to look for the new tank, and such is greatly appricated. I might also still get a 55G just depends on pricing looks, and deals I find. Thanks!

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