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leolaw 09-22-2010 01:55 AM

hatching brine shrimps
I have recently tried to hatch some brine shrimp eggs. i did some searches on google and found the method of using a bottle and air pump to hatch the eggs.
I have just put the eggs into the water two days ago and from what the guides say the eggs should hav hatched by now but when i look into my bottle, I only see the eggs circulating the bottle. i noticed alot of white things on the walls of the bottle, can anyone tell me if those are the brine shrimps or if they are something that is suppose to e in the bottle ?

redchigh 09-22-2010 09:49 AM

Did you add enough salt? What's the temperature?

Also, you have to turn the air pump off to see the brine shrimp... The egg casings will keep floating around.
Since it's been going so long, you might need to start over... Turn the pump off and let it sit for several minutes. The eggs that float have hatched, the ones that sink have not.

It's a good way to see how many shrimpies you have...

leolaw 09-29-2010 06:51 AM

thanks , the temperature is roughly room temperature , i've restarted n this is the 3rd day , the water is cloudy and about 1/2 of the eggs sink , is this ok ? thanks to the cloudy water i cant see much inside

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