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Ponyo 09-21-2010 07:48 PM

Pregnancy, parasites, or parameters?
I have a female sun fire Platy who's been hiding a lot in the back corner of my aquarium. She usually comes out at feeding time and is quite lively, but then she heads back down, hovering low under the plants or under a large coral skeleton. I suspected a parasite a couple weeks ago because both of my platies were flashing or flicking against the plants. I've continued to see the same behavior at times, but have NOT seen any spots on the fish. I realize there are other parasites besides Ich, but I wouldn't have a clue how to diagnose them.

PH 7.6
Ammonia 0 ppm
Nitrite 0 ppm
Nitrate 0 ppm

Our natural water is soft, but have lots of coral and limestone in the tank to help harden and keep up PH. Sometimes I notice the water looks dusty from the coral, but I had that same issue in my last tank and it never seemed to bother the fish. I do bi-weekly water changes at about 30-percent each time. I wonder if anyone on the forum might know why my Platy is hiding.

zof 09-21-2010 08:00 PM

It sounds like it might just be hiding, are their just platys in this tank? Have you notice any other fish picking on this one? Do you have another tank to put her in to see if its her tank mates she is scared of?

That would be about the limit of my knowledge on this subject.

Ponyo 09-22-2010 04:09 PM

It might be true, that she is just hiding, but the flashing and clamped fins, do make me wonder about a parasite. No one is picking on her. She shares the tank with only two White Clouds, a dwarf female Bumble Bee Platy, and a snail. It's a very peaceful aquarium. I wanted to add a couple more fish, but I have been holding off because I lost a newly added Platy a few weeks ago. That one was lethargic with no appetite and used to scratch against plants and ornaments. I noticed my other two Platies started scratching (or flashing) after the sick one died, so I started keeping an eye on things. No one else has died, but I have noticed this current one getting more and more reclusive. She came out this morning to feed, but her fins were clamped. Now she's back down on the gravel in the corner again. She doesn't look pregnant at all.

Chicklet 09-23-2010 09:24 AM

I have found thru experience, too frequent of water changes can cause flashing,
Something in the water is irritating to the fish,
Although I would suspect a possible parasite in your case, possible introduced by the precious platy that died.
Adding Aquarium salt may help, Also Garlic to the water,
You can buy a parasite med from your local fish store, "Jungle Parasite clear I believe its called, Should help.
Also Platies I have found can be easily intimidated and unless you spend alot of time monitoring your tank you may miss it.
Some fish only run and hide when you come close to the tank.
Stand back well away and watch from a distance, You may find shes more active at those time,

Ponyo 09-24-2010 03:35 AM

Thank you for the advice about fish and hiding behavior Chicklet. This particular Platy seems most active when my husband and I are near the aquarium, so it probably is a parasite and, most likely, Ich. I did cut back on water changes for a couple weeks, but he flashing, clamped fins, and hiding have continued and her gills are starting to look irritated. Unfortunately, I did not see your recommendation for treatment until just now, so I started treating with Ich Attack yesterday. Someone else on the forum recommended it earlier.The product is apparently mild and safe for snails and plants and it won't kill good bacteria. It sure smells like garlic and turns the water brown though. I added some airstones and am very slowly raising the temperature. I am worried about hurting my White Clouds, but I'm hoping they can withstand the heat for the time it takes to knock out the parasite. I've read that they are fairly hardy and can survive weather extremes in outdoor ponds, although I wouldn't push it for long. Wish me luck.

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