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SinCrisis 09-21-2010 01:07 PM

Bolivian ram and snails
Hi all,

I just have a quick question about dwarf cichlids and snails. I receently purchased 2 bolivian rams and they have begun to pick at my MTS. Now i know that larger cichlids are able to crush snails, will these small cichlids be able to do the same? The snails have rather thin shells due to my water's softness but I was wondering if they have the jaw strength to consume the snails? If they do not would their nipping at the snails hurt them in any way? On a couple of occasions ive seen the rams take small snails into its mouth and hold it for a few seconds before spitting it back out again, could they hurt themselves on the snail?

La Reina 09-21-2010 04:43 PM

I have two bolivians as well, but they leave my pond snails alone. I don't think they're able to eat snails, and I don't -think- they'd cause any damage to the fish.

bigrift 09-22-2010 09:05 PM

if it hurt the fish to put it in the mouth it wouldnt do it lol. fish like to move things around to their likeing, so think of it as seeing something out of place in your own home, what do you do? you move it lol. so amagin the fish swimming along sees this snail it didnt see 5 min ago its gunna investigate even move it if it dosnt like it there. my firemouths constantly pick up my mts when they come out and pile them up yet never hurt them, they even will push the black mystery snail around the tank to once and a while. and if the fish is lucky and can get the soft part of the snail befor it hides then yea it may take a bite. my mollies eat my snails all the time this way.

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