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W0LFMAN 04-21-2007 04:39 PM

New member looking for fishy friends help (^.^)
Hello everybody!..

My name is Wolfgang and the new owner of 3 Piranha and 1 unknown.
owner... and after some discussion i managed to become there new
Its a long story but i wanted to save these poor fishies from there last MORE carefull owner...

I understand there is a wrong way and a right way of doing things regarding tropical fish espically with my very basic knowledge of these things, but thats why im here.... to learn and to understand so i may take better care of these poor creatures.

I only recived them today, but in terrible circumstances...however with lack of time and preperation Ive managed to transported them to my home, without any of them "kicking the bucket"

However, something in my bones is telling me to find out whats best to do now to save them, and give them a better life.

The transport was terrible indeed, once I arriving the last owner, very quick to get rid of them indeed had the tank fully empty and the fish in a box with the water that was in the tank...

I fired everything into the car, and went home...

The fish tank is 3 foot long 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall... pritty smelly and slimy...

I filled the tank once arriving with normal tap water and used some fish treatment material to tackle the chlorine and other house water nasties... to balance the PH... i heated tank up to the correct point indicated by some temperture gauge i recived in the box of equimpent he chucked in..
The swithed on the pump which was still full of the old tanks water so circulation could commence..

At this point the fish were in alot of distress in there make shift poor home... and i put them in the tank...

i took a few picture's and and went on the computer...

Im here now... and need some advice

(trying to post pic's but having trouble will do once i figure out whats wrong.. its leaving me a blank window after i press the send button in the upload box)

regards wolf

Lupin 04-22-2007 03:30 AM

Welcome to the forum, Wolf.:wave:

Hope you'll like it here.:thumbsup:

Falina 04-22-2007 09:05 AM

I think you are the 3rd member here with a wolf name now :)


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