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spike0544 09-12-2010 08:31 PM

Stocking Calculator?
Has anyone used the aqadvisor stocking calculator? Is it fairly accurate in your opinion? I have read so many theories on stocking in the last month that I am now completely confused. I would like to maximize the space I have but not at the expense of hurting any fish. How should I go about choosing the right numbers.

Click here for this site -

james7139 09-12-2010 08:46 PM

I have heard that it even though its at 100% "stock level" that its acualy overstocked.

tanker 09-12-2010 10:56 PM

Any calculator is just a guide. You need to do your own research. Have you read iamntbatman's sticky? It has some useful information.

None of the calculators can take into account things like swimming level so you need to figure that out for yourself.

I found it helpful to run my ideas past people on the forum. Sometimes there's something you've overlooked in picking out your fish that others can point out to you. Otherwise, stocking questions like which fish and how many are matters of opinion and, as long as you aren't being stupid and overlooking something obvious and well established (like sticking a small fish with a huge predator, or trying to cram a huge fish in a small aquarium) you have to make up your own mind.

burnsbabe 09-13-2010 05:09 AM

I find that one to be pretty good although no replacement for your own research. I tend to use it to confirm ideas I already have rather than start from scratch.

beachcire 09-13-2010 07:02 AM

I like that calculator the best, but as previously stated, it is just a guide for you to use. There are far too many variables that can not be taken into consideration by a calculator.

fish joey 09-13-2010 07:50 AM

agree, I like it because it tells you about possible conflicts and number of each species are best..unlike some of the shops..but read all the info I believe filtration is figured at 65%

spike0544 09-13-2010 08:47 AM

Here is my plan. What do you think? According to the calculator it is okay.
10 panda cory
8 cherry barb
8 odessa barb
10 cardinal tetra
1 bristlenose

This is a 55 gallon with lots of caves, plants and driftwood. Do I have enough room, not enough or room for more?

spike0544 09-13-2010 08:50 AM

Am I missing a top level swimmer?

tanker 09-13-2010 08:51 AM

What is your water pH and hardness? The cardinal tetra likes soft, acidic water.

Byron 09-13-2010 02:55 PM

The cardinal tetra is the only questionable fish in this group; both with respect to water parameters as tanker mentioned, and its rather slow, sedate level of activity. Both barbs are active swimmers, and the cardinals will need quiet space under plants--they do not like the open, nor light; my group in my 115g are always at the end farthest from the filter (they also do not like water currents), under and within plants. They surface to feed.

And you're correct, there are no surface fish in your selection. Surface fish are not easy to find. Hatchetfish are the best; if you stay with the barbs, I would suggest the plain but larger hatchets like Gasteropelecus sternicla or G. maculatus, or one of the two species in Thoracocharax [the first is in our profiles, clickon the shaded name] as the Carnegiella species are too delicate for active lower fish. Some species of gourami spend a lot of time among floating plants, but don't put gourami with such active fish as barbs.


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