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pretzelsz 09-12-2010 12:22 PM

Is this good info???
I have yet to start my Marine aquarium but I do consider myself somewhat knowlegable for I have been studying how to take care of a system and everything you need to know. I have also gotten advice from the experienced people on this and other forums. I came across this article on how to take care of a marine aquarium Tropic Isle Aquarium - Expert Advice from the website of a shop I like to go to(I was on the site looking for support or something).

And while I agree with some of it(not alot). It seems to point a beginner in the right direction to start but in the long run would either kill all inhabitants or partly destroy your tank(or harm). Now I for one agree with some of the article but I have gotten advice from them that I was cautious of(good thing to if I had been able to start I would have lost alot of money). I mean since they are a retailer they are trying to bring money in but also somewhat make your system succeed but more for cash. They are nice it is just alot of what is said is controversial. Also that in feeding they should have at least said it varies depending on what species since it really does. Anyways any opinions. I just wanted to rant about something and was looking to ask them some questions on special orders.

Please comment on what you think. Should a beginner take this advice or do further research with help from other sources too? I think that this would just lead to a crash in a system.

I do agree with some of it just not some of the more controversial parts and the feeding thing...also the filter types and that LR is optional(I know it is if you have the right equipment and a smallish bio-load but in opinion is necessary and makes it look natural and for corals to thrive it is needed)

I wanted a rant and I made one Please post comments on what you think? Am I completely wrong are they wrong are we both wrong or that we are both right just diffrent ways of thinking? I want opinions!

Also I love the store it is absolutely fantastic with great service and lovely tanks and workers. Also a great selection...I wish I could drive and get a job there! Or some other pet/fish store! I've gotten most of my supplies there. Only downside is that the only single test kits for Calcium and alkalinity(the two I need desperately) are Red Sea(inaccurate I can tell myself and from other reviews)

Also any people thinking of starting a tank DON'T LISTEN TO ME post a question and have the pros tell/guide you to success(I will be starting a tank in LES THEN A WEEK!!!...hopefully) this is long I am going to shut up and let you respond if you so choose lol...:lol:

badxgillen 09-12-2010 05:05 PM

were all right
experience is the best sound like you have a good head on your shoulders and should be able to take the logic that comes from recomendations by employees and adjust it to your tank type and budget...depends on the situation and what far as diet , special requirments, and compatibility it depends from species to species and always requires research...thats my opinion....PS working at a good pet store rules......ADIOS....

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