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kennyo 09-11-2010 11:14 PM

i have a 55 gallon planted tank with 2 raphel catfish,1 Lace Synodontis, a banjo cat and a spiny eel . i want to change the sudstrate to sand so they can hide more. but i picky and want black sand. i found so online called onyx sand and it look cool:-D, but i know catfish and eel have soft bodys and want to make sure i'm getting to right sand. does anyone have this sand or know anythig about it? please help:cry:

eileen 09-12-2010 12:12 AM

I never heard of Onyx sand. I got my black sand from a local fish store and it was about $20 for a 20 lb bag. or they sold smaller bags for $5 for about 5 lbs. Mine is a small grain and my loaches and catfish and bushy nosed plecos do fine with it. Try to stay away from Tahitian moon black sand as it is so fine like a power and I have heard some people complain about it as it is like coal on your hands and is a mess in your tank.One person returned it because it was so bad. Most good aquarium shops can help you. If they do not carry any have them order some for you but they should have some black sand that is a good grain and not so fine in granuals. Fish with nice colors show up really nice with black sand. I also have a black background on my 55 gal. tank so the plants and fish look really good in my tank. remember poop and food will stay on top of the sand so you might have to use a fine brine net to clean it but it is easy. Vacumming it is not a good idea as the sand goes up the vacumme. I like sand. I have pool filter sand in most of my tanks and some with black sand. I will never go back to using gravel as I like it so much. It does take some rinsing in a bucket but is well worth the look you get. Good Luck in finding your black sand.

redchigh 09-14-2010 03:24 PM

If you can find it, you can email 3m and see if you can find "3m Colorquartz S-Grade" in black. It's a perfect sand- about the size of poppy seeds, but pitch black.

Just rinse it a long time in warm water.

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