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pretzelsz 09-08-2010 08:48 PM

20 gallon update
Hello. I have wanted to upgrade my betta fish's tank size for quite awhile now and the thought struck me(well 2 I wanted to use his tank for a pico reef as well) make a divider for my 20 gallon. So I got some acrylic glass and made a divider for my tank(12"x12" with drilled holes) I put it in after a good washing and acclimated my betta. he is in there looking around and staring at the other side where I have 2 male swordtails a female swordtail(lookslike a molly...birth defect) and 5 danios. I am keeping an eye on the temp so that if the water isn't circulating right through the acrylic I can put his heater in the tank and find a way to solve it but so far so good. PICTURES COMING SOON! As soon as the water clears up and I finish the water change. I love my fish. I do feel bad though because my swordtails loved the side that he is on but the other side was to heavily planted. I hope all turns out well. They seem to be adjusting well.

pretzelsz 09-08-2010 11:19 PM

PICTURES! Also there was a small place where a danio could fit got in and was almost nipped but last second jumped over(don't know how he just over it there is a god inch out of the water then very little space between the top and the hood.) Fixed that(hopefully) He looked like he would be nice but I was wrong good thing i didn't let him in loose. I got some good pictures and some not so good... Let's start with the good.

That's it for now I will keep it posted on what happens

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