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daisycutter 04-18-2007 01:14 PM

water cress
i don't know if anybody has tried it but i certainly recommend it if your having nitrate problems its used in sewage treatment in some places due to the amount of pollutants it sucks up it drops the nitrate level in a tank(i use it as pleco food) but is probably best used outside in a pond in a bed

leifthebunny 04-18-2007 10:45 PM

Hmm, I've got some decent nitrate levels in my community tank. Is it fully aquatic? I have to cover the tank with a canopy (cats) and glass (hatchetfish).

daisycutter 04-19-2007 01:16 PM

treat it the same way as Bacopa its a good sized plant that will attempt to take over in a short space of time and it roots heavily it will grow aquaticly but is really a marginal plant it will grow very fast under good conditions its name comes from the fact its a popular salad vegetable(for people)
i would recommend it in setups with half water(frogs,etc)as well as ponds as it will keep the water sweet and filter out substances in the water its use in full water aquariums is questionable due to its evasiveness and eventual size but ive never truly tried it in an aqarium as a plant i use it with plecos as they feed on it but being a water plant it doesn't die or rot during being eaten an grows up to the point thats its been obliterated

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