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zof 09-06-2010 07:31 PM

Need ideas for a 25 gallon hex
Wasn't sure were to post this but this seemed like the most likely place. So a friend recently gave me a 25 gallon hex tank and I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it (at first it was just going to be a quarantine tank) but since I've decided I would like to some sort of 2/3rds water 1/3rd air/land type setup so hence I came here.

So here is what I'm kicking around right now;

- I want to keep it natural and somewhat darkish so was thinking about going with an organic soil for the substrate.

- I was also thinking about stacking some slate from the bottom to above the water line, in the hopes I can get some animals that like the water and land combo.

- One idea was to modify one of my HOB filters for this setup to create a waterfall.

- I want to grow some plants emersed to give it that natural feeling.

- I was thinking of having 2 or 3 small fish in the water section.

- Was considering a few African dwarf frogs but from what I have read they have no love of land, but still might be an interesting addition.

So some questions,

What would be a good animal that will spend time in both land and water? I like the idea of turtles but will this setup be to small? What ones wont go after the fish?

Have any of you seen such a setup in a small tank like mine if you have can you link to some photos?

All comments and constructive criticisms welcome.

kitten_penang 09-09-2010 06:41 AM

sound interesting.go to the vivarium side and maybe you can get some ideas

LisaC144 09-09-2010 11:42 AM

A good land and water animal would be newts. They're fun and sounds like exactly what you're looking for. I had them for years growing up.

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