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inspiritid 09-05-2010 09:57 PM

Are there any "polite" small plecos...?
Does anyone know of a small pleco that won't get grouchy...? My plecos from tanks past have always gotten grouchy, and now I have a 29 gallon with a bristlenose pleco who is only 2.5 inches long but is already getting grouchy. He polices the other fish at feeding time. I can throw three pieces of algae tab in the tank, and he only has to share with 3 otos, but he will run back and forth between the three pieces butting the other fish away, trying to keep all the food for himself. Are there any plecos with better table manners...? :)

kitten_penang 09-05-2010 11:57 PM

samller one like the pecolita are hard ti find an they grow to about 2 inches

Zeetrain 09-06-2010 01:07 AM

Two common small plecos that I know are the Clown Pleco, which doesnt get much bigger 3 or 4 inches, and the Rubberlip or Rubbernose Pleco, which gets to about 5 or 6 inches. Not sure on their tempermants though.

Inga 09-06-2010 09:58 AM

My understanding is that the rubbernose Pleco is good in a community tank. They need lots of rocks and places to hide. They tend to be nocturnal so hopefully, their feeding time wouldn't be an issue with the other fish.

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