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doppsterjr 09-03-2010 11:39 AM

OH NO! Honey Gourami Help!
Somethings wrong with my honey gourami.. He is sticking to the bottom away from the other fish. He seems to keep falling over on his side. He swam a little bit but it was really slow. Then he went through the current of my filter and got stuck sideways in my anubias. What's wrong? Everything that should be at 0 is at 0. My tanks fully cycled and sits at about 78 F.

bettababy 09-03-2010 05:39 PM

In order to answer your questions we will first need a lot more information.

How big is the tank?
What kind of filtration are you using? (make & model)
How many fish total, and what species of fish are in this tank? (please list how many of each and general size of each)
Water params for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH? (your above description of water chemistry in this tank doesn't tell us anything, we need exact numbers, preferably from a liquid test kit) Test strips are known to be very inaccurate, so please do not post numbers based on strip tests.
How long has this tank been set up? Can you describe the addition of fish after set up (when and how many at a time, etc.)
Did the gourami spend any time in quarantine before going into the main tank?
Can you post a clear photo of the tank? Can you post clear photos of the gourami, one of each side of the fish, and if you can also obtain from under and above that helps too...
What foods are you offering? Feeding schedule?
How often are you performing water changes? How much water each time?
How was this fish acclimated to the tank when it was brought home? Please describe your acclimation procedure.
Have you noticed changes in any of the other fish?
How long has this been going on?
Can you move the gourami to a quarantine tank? (If so, I would strongly suggest you do so now using water from the main tank and maintaining temperature)

Once these questions are answered then we can begin to work through and find an accurate diagnosis and offer a safe and appropriate treatment/solution for you.

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