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pobynoy 04-17-2007 02:20 AM

Mysterious death of newly added fish. Please help
We went to our LFS today to find a fish that would stay relatively small and hopefully school together and after finding a fish we both liked we purchased 4 Thread finned rainbows, 2 males and 2 females. The woman at the store told us they would get along fine with the other occupants in the tank(2 Corys, 3 Black Phantom Tetras, 2 Dwarf Gouramis, a male and a female, and a Vampire Shrimp).

When I finally added the Thread Finned Rainbows I kept a close eye on them, after a few hours it seemed that 1 male was schooling with the other 2 females, and the other male kindof went off on his own.

I turned the lights off and went to do some work, before bed I decided to go check out our new friends to see how they were doing, and once I turned the lights on I was shocked to find that 1 of the male Rainbows was dead on the bottom of the tank, and the other male was nowhere to be seen. After close inspection, of course I'm no genius here, it appeared to me that the dead rainbow had bite marks on him, and his fins had been torn and frayed(this could be because after he died the ghost shrimp or other animals could have been biting at him, I'm not sure)

I'm really worried now, If the male rainbow was attacked then who was it that attacked him, maybe the male gourami who is very protective of his space, or the other male rainbow who is nowhere to be found. Or maybe it isnt that at all. Any information here would be extremely helpful.

Thanks again for everyone's help

Lupin 04-17-2007 02:57 AM


What's the size of your tank?:) I initially suspected your vampire shrimp. Since I've never kept that shrimp, I had to dig for information but informations contradicted my suspicions so it can't be that shrimp.

Leave the black phantom tetras and cories out of the list.:) Both are unlikely to attack threadfins because I had threadfins before in my community.:)

The male dwarf gourami is the likely suspect. I had one before and he often rows with other fish simply because he defends his chosen territory.:roll:

By the way, I'm confused with your stocking list. You mentioned vampire shrimp in the first paragraph but your third paragraph mentioned ghost shrimp which was not listed in your first paragraph.

The other rainbow was likely eaten quickly before you could see the carcass. Remember that threadfins are far too small so their bodies are likely to dissolve fast or get eaten as soon as possible.

pobynoy 04-17-2007 01:01 PM

My tank is 20Gal. I have 1 vampire shrimp and a few ghost shrimp as well. I assumed it was the gourami myself, but I've never seen him go after anyone, maybe he decided to wait until the lights were out. And concerning the body of the dead fish, when I woke up this morning to yank him out he was nowhere to be seen.

He is very terratorial, he figures the back of the tank behind all the plants is his area and maybe the thread fin wandered in there. And the tank is only 20Gal, its not overstocked but the gourami obviously claimed half the thing. The other fish have gone back there including the corys and the tetras and they are all fine so I wonder...

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