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cballas 09-01-2010 01:53 PM

How to fix 3G Danio tank & 10G their future home?
I bought a 3G Marineland/Eclipse system aquarium on 8/15 @ Petco.
They said to just let it run for 2 days & it would be safe for Danios.
I bought 3 Danios on 8/18, and a week later one died.
I used the Tetra Tap Water treatment.
I didn't know about cycling/ test kits, but when I tested it on 25th,
it was SUPER HIGH ammonia. (API master test), the PH was
7.8. I did a 50% water change w/ filtered/conditioned water.
Since then I've been doing a 25-50% change daily. Ammonia
is slowly going down. I also cut back on food.
The 2 remaining Danios are now not hanging torward the top,
and eating from the bottom more.
I starting putting in AmQuel+ in on 8/29 & lowered the water so the filter
made more water bubbles since AmQuel+ lowers oxygen.
Today it's still 1 maybe a little higher.

I bought a 10G because I now know 3G is too small for Danios.
Today the local small pet store would not let me have any of their "established
media" to help cycle my 10G. :( They said the pure ammonia method (that I planned on) is stupid
and "water/air had enough bacteria in it for good bacteria to grow". This goes against everything I've learned since & I am mad they didn't give me any. They also bashed the cocktail shrimp method.

Their temp is 78. Whats the best way to prep the 10G & fix the 3G?
They look active and eat better since I switched their food to Aqueon Tropical Flakes.

Thank you for your guidance & sorry this is so long !

Byron 09-01-2010 04:38 PM

That store's advice is less than reliable. Enough said.

First on the existing 3g, your daily water changes are saving the fish's lives. Don't give up until the tank is cycled. Keep this going in spite of the new 10g, the fish have had enough stress without another round which would likely kill them outright.

Set up the 10g with its filter, heater. Some live plants would help, both the cycling and long-term fish health. Once the 3g is cycled, you will have your own filter media to seed the 10g, plus any decor like a piece of wood or rock in the 3g will contain bacteria and can be moved into the 10g (without washing). Then move the fish over. The bacteria in the media and any moved decor will probably work to cycle the 10g.


Inga 09-01-2010 04:59 PM

I so wish pet stores would quit telling people that it only takes a few days to a week to cycle a tank for fish. It is shameful that they do that at the expense of the fishes life and the heartbreak of the new owner.

I fell for the same thing and I ended up doing water changes daily of about 40-50% just to save my fish. That was a big job because I have a 60 gallon tank. I would gladly do it again if I had to in order to save my fish. If you can get some live plants in your tank,, that will help immensely. Good luck to you, and your fish. :)

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