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fish joey 08-31-2010 08:22 AM

Pics up
Good Morning...Thanks for all the nice welcomes I have received. I know I'm going to love it here.

My story on how I came to have to college daughter left a large tank in her room with several fish mostly large.. 2 sharks, 1 large placo, and 3 platys and one bronze cory named Ruben( he is named after season 2 american idol contestant which is when she bought him which makes him 8) Any way by default, they were now my responsibility.....I must admit, I wasnt the best fish mother but they survived...Mostly hiding in the cave... eating when I remembered.. I know, I know I said I was bad. Need I say tank maintenace was pretty non existant as I didnt know any better.. and no one ever died!

Last November after Dentist visit.( he has beautiful tanks) I decied to set up a tank in beween my kitchen and familyroom this way I would be more aware of the fish I was now in charge of...While investgating size of tank I could have. I realized the sharks and pleco were to big....Good news someone a LFS wanted to adopt them......Now I was free for new fish that would get along with Platys and Ruben......

Thats when things went haywire....Guppies.....Didn't do my research.....Was ill advised......Population explosion!!!!!!One tank lead to two, that lead to three...finally after 6 months we got everyone situated and separated....I was able rehome almost all of them......The boys club......are the boy guppies which I love perfect to watch in the pass thru......

We then upgraded to a bigger tank, the big one.....things I have learned so far... get many of most species they are so much happier..I got two corys for the big tank and Ruben is SOOOO happy he never goes in the cave after 8 years the poor thing......

Now that I have joined this group I am excited to see everones beautifully planted tanks...that will be my next for now, my tanks look pretty tacky...a work in progress......

Warning I will ask alot of questions .....most of my commputer skills are from using aol....Thanks, Byron for the spell check info....still cant use it due to some down load thing so until then please exucse my spelling

On my way to being the best fish mother.....:lol:

Inga 08-31-2010 10:55 AM

Welcome Welcome Welcome! You sound like most of us. With all the WRONG information out there and the main resource for info being pet stores that want to sell fish, mistakes happen. I too am so happy for Ruben, to think of a fish being in the wrong situation for so long and then all of a sudden having friends. Makes me smile. Hopefully he can enjoy his new friends for a long time.

I know for me, having the tank where I see it all the time is the right thing. No sense even having a tank if you can't watch the fish, right? I would not have been good at remembering to feed fish if they were closed up in a bedroom that I didn't frequent either.

Anyway, glad to have you hear and can't wait to hear more stories about your tank and it's updates. My tank is a work in progress too and I keep changing my mind as to how I want it aquascaped so that might be a forever thing. I learn more about my own fish that makes me want to change things and so on. As you have probably noticed, it is an addictive hobby and one that keeps you looking for more.

bearwithfish 08-31-2010 12:55 PM

excited to see the tanks transition over time!!!!!!!!!! and i agree with Inga 100% a lot of us (vast majority) start off with little to no knowledge,,,, but learning and moving forward make the hobby soooooooo much more fun.....

Ponyo 08-31-2010 07:07 PM

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.It sounds like the inhabitants of your aquariums are not only staying alive, but flourishing. I too, am fairly new here and have found people on this forum to be a huge help. Welcome!

kitten_penang 08-31-2010 10:42 PM

lol guppy explosion =) if you had angelfish with guppies you won't see any fry

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