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otgarza 08-26-2010 08:48 PM

new to tetras...10 gal
I currently have 2 silvertip tetras and 4 bloodfin tetras in my 10 gal. Is this a good amount or should I buy more of either fish? Is there any suggestions as to what other fish I could add or what I can do with this tank. Thanks in advance.
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Mettalikatt 08-26-2010 09:23 PM

AqAdvisor - Intelligent Freshwater Tropical Fish Aquarium Stocking Calculator and Aquarium Tank/Filter Advisor
This is an under construction tool, I wouldn't advise using it's data as a for sure thing but it should assist you.

CaliforniaFishkeeper 08-26-2010 09:42 PM

Those Tetra species are a bit big to have 2 large schools + other fish... The most I would put in a 10g is 5 of each. With very good filtration and plants.

Are you dead set on these fish or are you open to other stocking suggestions?

otgarza 08-26-2010 10:29 PM

I can go for 5 of each and I wouldn't mind suggestions it would really help me try to decide what I may like.
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Byron 08-27-2010 12:29 PM

All tetra are shoaling fish which means they live in large groups. A minimum of 6 is usually recommended, although some can manage with 5 if space is an issue. But it is important to have 5-6 of each species. In a 10g you do not have much room, I would suggest not enough for both of the species you have. One or the other, plus some bottom fish like corys which are also shoaling but can be kept in 4-5. The dwarf species like Corydoras pygmaeus would be fine, 6-7 will work in a 10g.

Alternatively, some smaller fish like the dwarf tetra Ember Tetra or some of the dwarf rasbora (Boraras species like Boraras brigittae and similar), or Dario dario or Badis badis or the Celestial Pearl Danio. These are also shoaling fish, but a group of 7-9 of any of them, and maybe two plus the corys, would work and provide more fish and more colour in a small space.

Your water parameters may be important for some of these more than others. You can see the fish profiles by clicking on the shaded names, or using the second tab from the left in the blue bar at the top.


otgarza 08-27-2010 03:03 PM

Thanks for the help!
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