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Calmwaters 08-25-2010 06:35 PM

African Dwarf Frog...
Sorry I did not see anywhere else that this would fit but I wanted to share my observation of these truly cool little guys over the last 5 days I have had them. I know its not long but I have been impressed by them. First the story. I never get an animal without researching first but last weekend my 13 year old and I went to the LFS and he saw these little guys and he said Oh mom those are so cool! Can we get some to put in the fish tank for my birthday? So I asked the guy there at the LFS who is very good if they would be ok with my water perm and such and he said they would be fine so I got just one but then went home got on the net found out they are fine alone but also like to be in groups so I went and got another. LOL Then I read that they sometimes do not get enough to eat in a community tank so I moved them into a 2.5 gallon I had extra. Tomorrow I plan on going to get another 10 gallon tank and I am going to try them with one of my bettas if it does not work the betta will go back into his current tank. Anyway they are not as hard to feed as some websites have said I just put the food a few inches in front of them and they go after it. They also cruise the gravel smelling for more food they remind me of dog looking for crumbs around the kitchen table. LOL They are fun to watch. There names are Iggy and Ziggy and Iggy is a lighter color brown that Ziggy. Here are a couple pictures and of course I will post more shots of the new tank when I get it planted and set up. What color gravel do you guys think would look good? I am thinking black I would like to get the black Eco Complete plant substrate but it is small and I have read they can sometimes swallow the gravel if its to small when they are eating and it could kill them if anyone on here as tried it and not had any problems let me know.

Romad 08-25-2010 09:11 PM

Awwww.. they're cute. I had some in with one of my bettas and couldn't get the betta to stop eating their food. I guess it depends on the betta.

I felt bad for the little buggers so gave them to a co-worker's daughter who named them Terry, Theresa, and Terence. I did enjoy the heck out of them while I had them.


Calmwaters 08-26-2010 07:57 AM

Yeah thats the only thing I worry about is him eating all the food but I figure I can always seperate them at feeding time.

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