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Mongobizzaro 04-14-2007 05:30 PM

Hello, I'm Mongo
:) Hello there, I'm Mongobizzaro. Here's some stuff about me...
I live in the USA
I am 14
I am an animal lover
My favorite animals are sea creatures, mostly whales and dolphins
I own a forum myself, so I know my way around here
My favorite color is blue
I am not that grate of a speller
Anyway, lets get to the subject!
The night before Easter (2007), my parents took me to Wal-Mart and bought me two Green spotted puffer fish!
I can tell them apart pretty well too! :wink: One of them is vary playful and curious and likes to swim around a lot. She's quite skinny! (His or Her) name is Djaja (Pronounced Juy-uh. Indonesian name. Because Green puffers come from Indonesia) Sometimes I call her Joyous.
And the other is very aggressive and often attacks Djaja. His name is Dank. He's pretty fat!
I have been longing for fish for years! I used to have many fish when I was young, but we did not have a filter and they all died. But I have a filter in the new tank. Anyway I think I bought a male and a female. Or at least I hope so. Two males could be aggressive. And two females could be territorial. But male and female would work. I have been doing research on Green spotted puffers and on all the websites I have looked on, it gives me no info about how to tell the differences between the sexes.
One of the things I love about these guys is that they smile! I'm not joking! Sometimes their mouth will curve and it will look just like a smile! :D

here are some photos I took

the tank (next to my computer)

Swimming by

Djaja & Dank

I think I'm gonna have to get rid of Dank :( he's been really aggressive toward Djaja. He's biting her, chasing her stealing her food and hurting her! Today he's chased her right into the wall! And Djaja tried to jump to get away from him and she smacked into the top of the tank. Every day Dank picks on Djaja. But I cant send Dank back. I bought Dank and Djaja at Wal-Mart, but at Wal-Mart they are giving them the wrong food and the fish are starving, and there's something wrong with the water. Someone may have put sope in it! :x
All of the other fish were ill or dead. And Dank and Djaja were not in good shape when I got them. But now they live in a big tank with clean water and I feed them the correct food. But the other day I went to Petco and I saw one baby Green Spotted puffer, he was so small! So I now have an idea! :idea: Maybe I could trade Dank for the little baby. I know Petco takes good care of their fish. So the other day, I tried taking Dank back but the fish they had at petco were not allowed to be sold or traded untill the next day. And they did not have Green Spotted puffers, they had lepord puffers! So I am not sure what to do now.

(Sorry this is so long! :lol: )

flatcam1 04-14-2007 05:38 PM

Welcome to this great community!!!!! :D :D :D

Daz 04-14-2007 06:10 PM

Mongobizzaro hello. :wave:

Amphitrite 04-14-2007 06:19 PM

Welcome to the forum Mongobizzaro :)

Enzo 04-14-2007 06:30 PM

hi (your pics dont work by the way)

Mongobizzaro 04-14-2007 07:34 PM

Oh :( they worked earlier

Lupin 04-14-2007 09:18 PM

Re: Hello, I'm Mongo

Originally Posted by Mongobizzaro
there's something wrong with the water. Someone may have put sope in it! :x

Hello and welcome, Mongo.:wave:

I would guess they used soap and detergents to clean their tanks which is quite a bad idea. Detergents should be avoided as any residues can kill the fish.

I have heard from several people that Wal-Mart is quite disgraceful unfortunately.:shake: I don't think they should promote their business.:) They just don't fit in our arena.:lol:

Good luck with the hobby.:D

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