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Castro235 08-25-2010 12:01 AM

Rosy red minnows not schooling
Hey everyone, here yet again to call on all of your shared wisdom for my newest tank.

Currently the tank is still being set up, when it is done it will be a high flow tank with a manifold to have between 1500-3000 gph of flow in a solid current cycled back, but for now it is still a little more primitive.

The tank is a 40 gallon long with a fine playsand substrate, and a bunch of large oddshaped rocks giving caves and low-flow points(when its done) it currently just has a maxijet 1200 to give a little bit of current, and an aqueon 10 10-20gallon hob filter(just to clear up the murky water)

The tank will be high flow for my future hillstream loaches, and I was hoping to find white clouds or zebra danios for a tankmate, but both have not really been around in my local stores, I decided to try my luck with rosy red minnows from the feeder tank since they actually looked healthier and very active compared to the other times I've seen them.

My last experience with rosy reds was when I bought a dozen for feeders for my crayfish, got home with about 8 left, put them in a 10 gallon tank with some lava rocks from my established sump, and within two days they were all dead.

This time around I asked for thirty, got home to find one dead, acclimated them and counted them out to be just over 50 altogether(with only the one death) and when I put them in the tank they were in very tight schools, they passed by in groups between 5 and one large group probably near 20, and they seemed to stay there.

The next morning I had three casualties(sucked into the maxi-jet intake, so not sure if they died before or after that part) so I got a screen for the intake, and since then I have not noticed any more deaths, but they got away from schooling, and now just kind of mass in the tank, often staying in the corner that is a dead zone, or on the bottom of the tank, but no longer swimming around in groups.

I don't know much about rosy red minnows, they seem healthy, and I have fed them twice, once with my omega one sinking goldfish pellets, and just a few hours ago with wardley goldfish flakes(Still haven't gotten out to get better flake for them)

They have been in there now since saturday evening, and I haven't seen any deaths since sunday morning, but I don't know if it's a particularly good or bad sign that they aren't in the tight schools they were in when I got them.

I did put almost a quarter of the lava rock from my sump tank for my established 55 gallon aquarium scattered along the bottom of the tank, and the ammonia is reading no different from my 55, so I'm guessing the water quality should be okay, so I just wanted to ask around where people may have had experience as to whether or not this is something I should worry about or not.

I would love to keep them as aquarium inhabitants as opposed to just feeders for my crayfish, so I'm hoping this goes well, I'm just nervous about them going from one extreme to the other.

I also assume 50 may be a little too high of a number for the tank, but even if I tried I haven't been able to net even one of them for my crayfish, so I don't know if I have the option of lowering that number right now.

kitten_penang 09-03-2010 07:07 AM

fish only swim closely together if they are frightened.if they do their own thing it's a good sign =)

fish1983 09-03-2010 12:06 PM

correct me if im wrong but some fish are schooling fish, which means they always swim in unison and some fish are shoaling fish which means they'll swim together but not in unison... more like a family that hangs out together and only swim close together when threatened... like cories are a shoaling fish and neon tetra are usually a schooling fish... make sense?

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