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Inga 08-24-2010 05:20 PM

Opinions and Ideas for Aquascape
Alright folks, I need help. I am not even sure what I am looking for but I like so many other peoples aquariums and when I look at mine, I find it sadly lacking. I like the natural look, I like wood, plants, natural colored gravel. I have those things but I am not sure how to arrange them better. When I set out, I wanted to provide my fish with a lot of hiding spots, and a comfy yet attractive home to live in.

My new wood especially is throwing me off. I added the two pieces but like I said in another thread, I am not real happy with these pieces for shape.
They look like something one throws in the fire place to get a fire started. In the process of putting them in and trying them out in different areas, I killed even more of my Anacharis and Cabomba. I will worry about that later. IT grows like weeds so I can toss a bit more back in later, first things first.
These are not the best shots but what do you think? Any thoughts on what I should change, or add? I am wishing I had gone with a black background... Oh wait! I did try to get black but they didn't have any and when they ordered it, it was dark blue. I will have to go look around for some more black, I think that would help some too. What other plants should I add and where.

Oh, and what is the tallish weedy looking grass in the front? How does one trim this up? Anyone?

I just noticed how dirty my glass is. No wonder I can't take decent pictures. lol I was working in the tank and dripping all over, now it is really smeary. Oops!

kitten_penang 08-24-2010 05:25 PM

your tank loos better then mine =)

Inga 08-24-2010 05:30 PM

Thanks but as you know, it took quite a hit on the plants. It is trying to recover but it will take some time. I don't know what I should add to it or where.

kitten_penang 08-24-2010 05:34 PM

maybe something to hide the heater =)

Inga 08-24-2010 05:38 PM

Definitely! There is a smaller Sword plant on the other side of the wood pile. It is kind of yellow right now, probably shock from moving it again. It had been uprooted a few times from my friends and then I just moved it again the other day. It is right in front of the heater and intake. My hope is it will get as large as the sword next to it and you won't ever see the heater and intake. They are kind of ugly to look at, aren't they?

WisFish 08-24-2010 06:26 PM

your tank looks really nice. The "look" of the tank is really a matter of taste. I like having a background to cover up the cords, etc. And I like to have enough plants to make the fish feel safe. I like the wood you have in your tanks. For my taste, I'd maybe remove a few of the fixed objects and replace them with plants. (less wood, more plants). But again, that's just me.

jeaninel 08-24-2010 06:57 PM

Inga, your tank looks very nice. I really like the left side. On the right side, I think I would take out the pot and arrange those 2 pieces of wood more angled across that bigger wood to kind of make a natural "cave". When the plants grow in around it it should be a nice little hiding spot.

Inga 08-24-2010 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by jeaninel (Post 454866)
Inga, your tank looks very nice. I really like the left side. On the right side, I think I would take out the pot and arrange those 2 pieces of wood more angled across that bigger wood to kind of make a natural "cave". When the plants grow in around it it should be a nice little hiding spot.

Thanks, Do you think I should try to create the cave kind of in the front, where the pot is? Just so I am understanding you. My Platys and snail have been hanging out in the pot but if I can offer them some other housing, I am sure they will adjust. Do you know if platys have babies on the aquarium floor or how what? I just kind of thought they might be taking up housing but I thought that once before with my Gourami and I was so wrong.

WisFish, Thank you. I agree, It looks like a lot of wood and not enough plants. I do like the wood but I also like the look of plants. I had a mishap by buying the wrong fish. Petsmart had Leporinus and they talked me into buying them, saying they would be perfect for my tank. They claimed they didn't get any bigger then 6 inches at the most and would be great in a planted tank. Well, let's just say they were very happy in my planted tank and made quick work of down sizing my then HUGE plants. The whole back wall from the intake and around the corner to the front was Cabomba, very thick and nice and almost up to the water line. The back was Anacharis UP to the water line. I also lost a few smaller sword varieties to my cute LITTLE fish that quickly grew. They had to move out. Now, hopefully I can get back to planting a few more plants and letting the remaining plants grow up again. Any thoughts on what kinds of plants might look nice? Think easy to maintain in low/medium light tank.

My Rainbow shark currently resides in the wood pile on the right of the tank. He is a bit shy so I like to keep a lot of hiding spots for him. I have yet to see him hide in a plant alone. Poor thing, hides and it makes me look all the more for him. I do a daily head count to make sure everyone is alright.

Inga 08-26-2010 09:39 PM

Alright, tonight I added two more swords. They are not real impressive yet, only about 5 inches tall but they grow, so that should help a little. I also moved the Ludwigia to the front and I am considering going back tomorrow to purchase an Anubis for the wood pile on the right. That would give it a little more height, and green. I am also thinking of dropping the heater down sideways so it is less obvious, I think that will help some as well. It is getting slightly more difficult to do my daily head counts. lol

I can never find my snails when I want to check to see that they are alright each day. If someone dies in there, it is not likely that I will find them, unless they are floating. Sick thought, eh?

StacyK 08-27-2010 09:32 AM

I found this website Tropica Aquarium Plants - Layouts when I was doing research on planting my 5 gal tank. I used some of those ideas mixed with a few basic elemental design ideas for the house, keeping things in odd groupings and things like that. It seemed to work out ok for mine so far, lol.

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