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jonny steele 08-24-2010 03:39 PM

Update! Moving my 55g plug changing substrate.
Ok, some of you may know i bought a 55g kit from petsmart several months ago after listening to yalls input about my old tank being to small. Ive had it running now for severel months, and had it really clean, but latley the sand has been getting dirty, the tank water became greenish tinted and smells. Ive tired cleaning the filters, water changes nothing works.

I recently lost both my fiddler crabs, one climbed out and died, the other has yet to be found. Also, i had a black knife fish that vanished.

I moved to an apt last month and i need to bring my tank over to the new place. Just wondering what would be the best route. Also, im changing my play sand substrate to a Black Diamond Sand (used for sand blasting). The play sand just seems to have to much debri and has lost its color.

Now i was thinking about putting the fish in a seperate continer, drain the tank, clean it, move it, put the new sand in and fill it back up, then add the fish after a few hrs of running.

Here are the fish i have...
1 blood parrot
1 large shrimp
3 cory fish
1 sucker fish
1 electric blue
1 electric yellow
1 goldfish
and one missing black knife.

Im running a marine land 350 filter, but the bio wheels stopped spinning, i tried cleaning, but they stop, its only a few months old. Im thinking about using the filter that came with the tank (top fin 60) along with the marineland, just for extra water cleaning ad buying new filters when i clean the tank and move it.

Any suggestions would be greatful!! Never moveda tank this large, and would like some advice.

Also, any advice on cleaning the sand? I tried the bucket way when i did the play sand, but the sand became airborn with the water, and i ended up loosing half my sand out with the dirty water, any other tips?

kitten_penang 08-25-2010 06:11 PM

umm.. with new substrate you'll need to cycle the tank again so i don't think it will be wise to put all the fish in at once.

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