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dhritiman 04-14-2007 06:29 AM

Water Cool!!
How to keep marine water cool with using ACs and Chillers.....

Mrmofo 04-14-2007 08:18 AM

i dont have one myself but ive seen them, dont they usually have an in and out like a cannister filter? and as for ac, id say not directly at the tank but pointing near it to get the full effects cause the AC will cut off when the thermo stat reaches the given temp, and since water needs more energy to change temperature then air, if it wasnt pointing at or near the tank to get some chill factor around it, the thermo stat woulod cut off when the ROOM is at the temp and the tank would still be running abit hot, but thats just logic

nbassis 04-20-2007 06:41 PM

I used to use a A?C when i had free electricity it was great i was cool and so were my fish. But i moved and do not have it free electricyt any more. Now i have a chiller and it works great. Keeps my tank abotu 10 to 15 degrees below air temp now. Two ways to run it, either get a large pump and place it in your tank, with my 55 G this was impractical. because the pump was so big. Luckily i run two filters a Emperor 400 and a Fluval 404. I just hooked the outgoing of the Fluval into the chiller and the outlet of the chiller into my tnak. Works great. Keeps my tank at a temperature of 72. Never goes more then 1 degree + or -. I love it, but the 400 dollar price was a little much to swallow.

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