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tomcatguy74 08-23-2010 06:59 PM

Tank has slight cloudiness but water parameters are good.
Hey all,

I cannot figure out why my tank is cloudy. I just now did a water test on it and I think its good.

5 gallon
3 mollies
gravel and fake plants and couple of decors.
Water change 4 days ago. 2 gallon change, used api salt, and stress coat
water test tonight:

PH Ammonia Nitrites Nitrates
08/23/2010 7.6 0.10 ppm 0.0 ppm 40 ppm

Any help would be appreciated, mollies are trying to mate and my kids want babies
NOW!!!! :roll::-)

Russell 08-23-2010 09:53 PM

It is too many fish in a 5 galllon. Especially given that you still have the small filter that came with the kit. It just can't keep up with the waste. I would spend the money on ten gallon and a more efficient filter. In nature nitrates stay below 5 in general and you are at 40. Anything over 25 begins to endanger the fish. If you are dead set on keeping those fish in that tank upgrade to a quality filter rated at at least 10 gallons and try live plants you have an incandescent hood so you should be able to install a daylight CFL very easily also I would only feed "just enough" food. You have to do something to A: handle dangerous nitrate levels (bigger tank, better filter, plants) and B: improve mechanical filtration to improve clarity (better filter). The first tank I kept in my adult life was a 1.5 gallon my girlfriend's father bought for her. They stocked it with two zebra danios, two lyretail mollies, and two buenos aires tetra. They didn't cycle it first or buy water conditioner. We all get in binds especially early on. A good aquarist does what is best for the fish. You asked about your water once before and someone told you the same you are overstocked. Its the truth. Something in your setup has to change or nature will take its course and kill a fish or two until the cycle balances out.

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