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Firebelly girrl 04-13-2007 10:02 PM

Sand from cycled tank.
I just set up a 20 gallon long tank and I have standard gravel in it. I have a 55 gallon piranha tank thats been set up for over a year and the same SAND has been in it since I first got the fish. My question is...does sand hold the beneficial bacteria I need to start off my new tank?..or is it all in the filter and on the sides of the glass? Its not as fine as sand on the beach, but its like mushy sand when I scooped some out for a pic. If I had scooped some out and put about a foots worth, 1 inch deep of it in the 20 gallon long tank would I still need to either get some fish, shrimp or ammonia, or do you think the sand in there would really be enough?
Heres a pic of the sand just to give you an idea on what type it is.

Age of Aquariums 04-13-2007 10:49 PM

That should be enough, but ask the moderators, I thought I only had 3 inches of sand in my 55g but when I emptied the 55 after I put the fish in the 125g I was going to use some sand for the bottom of my 10,000 gallon tank and was surprised to find 6 inches of sand in the tank. So what they tell you you might want to measure.

Age of Aquariums 04-13-2007 10:54 PM

But I am into saltwater so I don't know for sure.

Lupin 04-13-2007 10:57 PM

Bacteria is everywhere. You can use your substrate.:) There is a need to introduce a source of ammonia particularly the poop to start cycling.

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