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thefishboy 08-22-2010 03:13 AM

What to put in with corydoras??
Hi, i amk new to the whole forum thing so hopefully i put this in the right place. I was just wandering what would be best to put in with corydoras in an eheim 60-80 aquastar (are these tanks any good either)???? My local fish store said that i could put some plays or guppies in and i was thinking a group of male/female platys and a group of male snake tail guppys?? In with a group of abput 6-7 corydoras julli?? Is there any other fish to go in and are platys and guppys not suitalbe??

dorabaker 08-22-2010 03:17 AM

hehe found it dont worry :)

(for anyone reading this...that wont make sense haha)

thefishboy 08-22-2010 03:19 AM

What fish do u have in ur community tank?? is it a few corys and some gouramis^^^????

dorabaker 08-22-2010 03:23 AM

um i used to have 3 corys and a golden gourami (keeping more than one gourami together? NOT a good idea as i have discovered from experience in the past)
but the three corys died :( actually having said that i hope im not putting you off lol. thing is corys are a little more delicate than some fish, they are quite hardy once settled in, but they are very sensitive to medications especially salt so they can be hard to treat if they get sick.
i had two peppered corys who lived for like 3 years, surviving numerous cycling tanks, bouts of fin rot, treatment with salt and other inappropriate meds, and even one disaster which killed all the other fish...except the two corys! so those two were hardy. but my three panda corys all died of fungus for no apparent reason.
ah well things like that happen. i now just have the one gold gourami.

dorabaker 08-22-2010 03:25 AM

by the way, if you want to find out more about the species you are interested in, check out the tropical fish species profiles on here. just click on the 'tropical fish profiles' button on the menu bar type thingy near the top of the website, and then the fish are arranged into categories and you can click on them and select species :)

thefishboy 08-22-2010 03:27 AM

Ur npt putting me of a tall, its good well not good to here how other people look after them and if they die ( sorry to here about that) how to stop that. Thats why im looking into it first so i know wat no wat do!!!
Im uploading a few pics of my goldfish now so......:-)

dorabaker 08-22-2010 03:32 AM


Originally Posted by thefishboy (Post 452649)
I was just wandering what would be best to put in with corydoras in an eheim 60-80 aquastar (are these tanks any good either)????

um what do you mean by an 'eheim 60-80' you mean gallons or liters or some other measurement i dont know of :-P

thefishboy 08-22-2010 03:38 AM

Sorry i ment either an eheim 60 aquastar-( 54l, 60 by 30 by 30)
or an eheim 80 aquastar -( 94 l, 80 by 35 by 45)
sorry i made that 1st one a bit confusing!!

dorabaker 08-22-2010 03:45 AM

hehe :)
the eheim 60 is just a little smaller than my tank (which is 60 x 30 x 45 cm or something like that)
both tanks are kind of small, so probably go with the bigger one if you can afford it. but with just corys and a few smallish shoaling fish you should be fine :)
what filtration do you intend to use? and has anyone told you how many corys you need to keep? (they are shoaling fish in the wild so minimum 3, the more the better.)
just trying to help so you dont make too many mistakes, like i! (everyone inevitably makes SOME mistakes, but you learn from them..)

thefishboy 08-22-2010 03:49 AM

They sed more than bout 3 but i was thinking 5-6 corys and maybe 3-4 platys thats wat they sed i could have but if u say that they dnt like the same acidity or sometihng like that, wich i have heard before than maybe something different. Its an eheim filter appanretly its quite powerful and its one of the top makes

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