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loach_lover 04-13-2007 03:06 AM

Strange occurence! Please help!
I don't really know where this post belongs or how to describe the problem (if it is a problem). Today when I was changing the filter media in my filter (a Tetra Whisper Power Filter 30) I noticed very tiny, blood red, meaty chunks (for lack of a better word to describe them). They were very small - about the size of the head of a pin, some even smaller. I couldn't tell if they were alive or not...they were all different shapes - some like tiny worms, others just blobs, one even resembled an acorn. They almost look like very small slugs. Could these be fish embryos? I didn't know what to do, so I simply put the filter media back in the filter. After all, if they were fish embryos, I didn't want to kill them.

I have a 29 gallon planted freshwater tank. It has been set up for about a year. I keep kuhli loaches, hillstream loaches (sewellia lineolata and gastromyzon ctenocephalus), Siamese Algae Eaters, and a single clown pleco. It is very rare for these fish to be bred in captivity, so it is hard for me to believe that these tiny bloody chunks could be fish embryos- but you never know. Also, I never noticed any type of eggs in the aquarium. For what it's worth, the pH is at 7.2. Can anyone help with this situation? I have never even heard of such a thing happening. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Lupin 04-13-2007 09:43 AM

Welcome aboard, loach_lover.:wave:

I think you might have known me in the other forum where loaches are concerned.:lol: Have you been feeding bloodworms?:) I was suspecting this stuff as I don't remember any more food being red, meaty and chunky.

I second your thoughts that all fish stated are rarely bred but anything can be possible.:)

Hopefully, it is nothing serious.

loach_lover 04-13-2007 03:24 PM

Thank you for your insight. I have fed them bloodworms once or twice, but not in months. I usually feed them tropical sinking pellets, which they seem to prefer over bloodworms and tubifex worms. Even so, these foods were dried, not live. The only live foods I have fed my fish recently were freshly hatched brine shrimp. Therefore, I don't think that this is the culprit. Any other ideas?

Lupin 04-13-2007 05:54 PM

That's odd.:? They can't be copepods, can they?:shock2: On the contrary, I never had the impression my hillies have been quite keen to avoid bloodworms as well.

Amphitrite 04-13-2007 05:58 PM

I know you said they were tiny, but is could you possibly get a picture? I can't think what it could be

jones57742 04-13-2007 06:30 PM

Are any of your fish appearing "different" than normal?


loach_lover 04-15-2007 04:14 AM

Unfortunately, I do not have a macro lens that would allow me to photograph them in proper detail. My fish are all acting normal. Everything in the tank is well...except for these strange creatures. I certainly hope they aren't copepods. I suppose it is possible that they could be bloodworms although I am ashamed to admit, I have never seen these live (I was afraid of feeding these to my kuhli loaches because bloodworms are somewhat infamous for transmitting disease), so I cannot positively identify them. How would bloodworms find their way into my tank? Riding in on a plant perhaps? Or could their eggs have been in the dried mix? If this is the case, should I remove them? Could there be more hidden in the tank? Could this turn into a more serious problem? Although these are very, very small, I think bloodworms is the best option so far. Even so, there are a few that aren't even worm shaped, as I mentioned the acorn shaped one earlier. Are there any other reddish worms? The larva is also a good proposal...thanks to everyone for helping me out with this. I was unsure of where to turn, but this forum has been quite helpful!

Amphitrite 04-15-2007 04:39 AM


Originally Posted by loach_lover
How would bloodworms find their way into my tank? Riding in on a plant perhaps?

That is a possibility. About six months ago I had a delivery of plants for the tank, and when I went to rinse them there were live bloodworm in with them.

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