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wingnut 08-15-2010 07:26 AM

Weird eating pattern
Hey, Im new to the hobby and have been surfing your site a long time getting valuable information about everything.
So I decided I would join to ask for some information and opinions.
I have a 4foot fresh water tank. **could not afford the setup fee of salt water, so this is just to start out**
1 Salmon tail catfish, 1 rivulatus, 1 Albino tiger oscar and 1 Bala shark.
The oscar was from a friends tank that was getting beatin up, so he is a bit larger but a sook. the others are all about the same size and bought from different pet shops around town.
When I feed them, the oscar is straight to the surface to eat. the catfish is happily eating the food that is left on the ground, along with the sinking green pellet things i bought specially for him.
But the shark and the rivulatus will not come to the surface to eat. the shark is acting like a bottom feeder sucking up the food off the rocks. and the rivulatus is just eating the food that sinks.
I have tried a verity of different foods and they eat all the different foods like flake, pellets, blood worms, shrimp.
I have tried taking the oscar down one end of the tank and feeding him, and then feeding the slightly smaller fish at the other end, but still they will only eat then the food when it sinks.
friends of mine have all these fish and said they are faily easy to care for, and they all eat off the surface so thats why i am a little worried.
also it is a bit of a pan not being able to see how much wast food there is.
the tank is about 6 weeks old with a good balance of everything and no poisoning of the sort. *the local pet store done the tests for me* but they are unable to explain why the fish dont eat off the surface.
any suggestions would be great.



teddyzaper 08-15-2010 10:45 PM

maybe the oscar has claimed the surface as his territory. i say, as long as the other fish will eat enough food then it will be fine. how many gallons is the tank exactly? i think 4 feet is 75gallons but im not quite sure.

Mettalikatt 08-15-2010 10:51 PM

I'd imagine that's correct they're likely afraid to pester the Oscar, which may be smart on their part as he grows he may find them delicious.

wingnut 08-16-2010 01:08 AM

Cheers for the help. I was getting a little worried haha.
Hopefully when they grow up a little bit they might grow some courage with them and start chasing the food.
as the rivulatus (Green Terror) iv been told will give the oscar a hard time when he growns up.


kitten_penang 08-16-2010 05:56 AM

yup oscars have an attitude in the's their way most of the time especially when they get bigger.

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