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rochered 08-13-2010 10:08 AM

6 Tropical Fish Tanks to Setup

I have really caught the Tropical Fish Bug and need help in where to place the fish in what tanks that i have.

I have the following tanks

170 lt
2 x 90 lt
38 lt
50 lt

I would like to keep the 25lt tank for breeding or a hospital tank.

Below is the fish I have purchased or inherrited along the way:

4 Angelfish - ok with others
6 Tiger barbs
6 Sepae Tetras
10 Neon & cardinal tetras
4 Mollies plus babies
3 Platies plus babies- Adults dont get along with each other
5 Plecos - 3 large brown and 2 small pineapples - 2 browns in one tank 1 is dominant
4 Swordtails and babies
6 Congo Tetras
2 Blue Dwarf Couramis - Placid with guppies
2 Rainbow Sharks - Larger one picks on other and other fish
1 Bolivian Ram - Placid
2 Blue Rams - Big one picks on Bolivian
1 Rainbow Gourami - apparently killed other tank mates
3 Opaline Gouramis - 2 been together other is in tank with Rainbow but gets along with it
4 Ornate Tetras
6 Silver Tip Tetras
6 x Cochus Blue Tetras
Lots of Guppies and Babies

Would love advise on how best to place them.


jeaninel 08-13-2010 08:52 PM

Wow, there are some issues here. You need to make some decisions on what fish you want to keep as many of those will get too big or are not suitable for the smaller tanks you have and won't all be able to live together due to incompatibility issues in the 170l (approx 45 gallon) tank. The Angelfish, Congo tetras, Tiger Barbs, plecos, Rainbow Sharks, Opaline Gouramis all need something bigger than your 90l (approx 23 gallon) tank but can't all live together in the 170l tank. I'm not familiar with the Rainbow Gourami. Is this a dwarf variety? Not really sure where to start here as you have quite a lot of fish. Where are they being kept now?

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

Romad 08-14-2010 07:55 AM

whoa... that's quite a fish load to spread around. my first thought was where are they all now??

check out the tropical fish profiles here on the forum to get an idea of tank sizes, care, expected growth of your fish and then try to decide what can be housed together based on the suggested guidelines. i found it very helpful when deciding what to stock my first community tank with.

if it helps, i have green tiger barbs and serpae tetras in my community tank (5 of each at the moment) and they are great together. the barbs and serpaes can be little fin nippers so anything with long fins might be too tempting for them.

good luck and keep us posted on your progress. there are a lot of folks here who can help you along the way.

burnsbabe 08-21-2010 02:49 AM

That is certainly a lot of fish! You're tanks are not ideal and I might even be tempted if I were you to try and trade two smaller tanks for a really big one somewhere. If we're working with what you have though....

I'd set up one, or maybe bothe of the 90 liter tanks for your livebearers (that's the Mollies, Platys, Swordtails, and Guppies) as they all should require a hard and basic water. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. The real problem here is that all these fish, especially the guppies, are like Tribbles. They're practically born pregnant.

I'd give over the 170 liter to your Angels. If two of them pair off you may have to rehome the other two eventually. Include the Bolivian Ram and a large chunk of your Tetras. You might try and find the Bolivian a partner, though they tend to do okay by themselves. The Dwarf Gouramis will work in here too, most likely. The others will be aggressive for the angels. Finding a place for them will be a problem.

I'd then be tempted to put the Tiger Barbs and the Serpae Tetras in one of the smaller tanks together and work from there.

Loose the Rainbow Sharks. They get big, and aggressive as you're already learning.

None of this is ideal, but without going to buy anything else or turn any of your fish in other than the Rainbow Sharks it will be okay.

A lot of this is going to be trial and error unfortunately. I'm gonna go ahead and say expect to lose fish if you haven't already.

rochered 08-21-2010 09:49 AM

Hi all,

Thanks for the replys and advise. Yes I do have alot of fish. The babies I will be selling on when they get a little bigger I did adopt a few of these when I purchased my tanks so really wasnt by choice that I have ended up with so many and may get rid of some others.

I agree with you Burnsbabe I am looking out for another 150+ lt tank to do another community tank. I have only lost 2 Neon tetras so far touch wood, when I had them in the 170lt tank other than that i've been very lucky.

Jeaninel - Sorry its a Golden Gourami not a rainbow gourami

Currently this is what I have in each tank.
170 lt - 2 Med Angelfish shy timid - ok with others, 5 Tiger barbs, 6 Sepae Tetras, 3 Platies - 1 doesnt like the other platties but are ok together - Do move the 2 Females to 60lt tank for birthing & Holidays, 1 Med Brown Pleco, 2 Male Swordtails - Mature female swordtail comes to visit to mate, 6 Congo Tetras (a fine with others tails intac), 1 Male Bolivian Ram - Placid (Hard to find female Bolivians in New Zealand) 2 Male Blue Rams - Big one trys to dominant Bolivian - Looking for a female Blue Ram - 4 Ornate Tetras,6 Silver Tip Tetras, 6 x Cochus Blue Tetras, 3 Opaline Gouramis - Gourami all get along, 1 Rainbow Shark - Is non aggressive - Since removing the Dominant Rainbow Shark this tank has been fine all fish get along

90 lt - 1 Golden Gourami - Old owner said he suspects it killed other fish he had in tank with it (May get rid of this one) is ok with all others in tank as they're all quite big, 1 Large Angelfish (Thk is male and has very large belly may move to hospital tank) & Med Male Angelfish - Both were boss of the 170lt tank until I moved them but weren't aggressive, 2 Med Brown Plecos - 1 is more dominant but otherwise ok, 1 Rainbow Shark - Was moved to this tank as it was been aggressive to other fish - Is happy in this tank now - Am keeping a close eye on this tank to make sure no fighting

90 lt - 2 Powder Blue Male Dwarf Gouramis - Slow moving & Placid with all others, 15-25 Approx Mature Guppies - Have started moving females to 60lt tank for a break from the boys, Mixture of Baby Mollies (not many), baby platies (not many), Baby Guppies (Lots), Baby Swordtails (Not Many)

38 lt - 1 Tiger Barb - Placid, Had most of its tail nipped so removed from 170lt tank is happy to hang in corners sleeping is a strange fish???, 10 Neon & cardinal tetras in total, 4 Mollies

60 lt - Mixture of Baby Mollies (not many), baby platties (not many), 2 Sml Pineapple Plecos, 2 Female Swordtails (1 goes to the 170lt tank to mate then come back to holiday and birth), Female Guppies - Come here to get away from males - Baby Guppies, Baby Swordtails (not many)

25lt - Hospital or Breeding Tank

I know I have to many fish and I think if I had 2 x 170lt Tanks and 2 x 90lt Tanks and the 60lt Tank this could be enough to house them correctly.

Any other thoughts or advice on the above info?


kitten_penang 08-21-2010 11:18 AM

holy crap you have so much fishes. where do you find the time to take care of them?

rochered 08-21-2010 03:00 PM

I work from home so between looking after dogs and looking after my fish I have a little bit of time left for my husband - hehe

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