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joshuaedgington 08-11-2010 05:48 AM

tropical tank 45 litres... any advice gratefully recieved!!
hi, ive just joined here, so sorry if i am posting in the wrong place or anything!

im looking for advice really

i recently have set up a tropical tank. 45 litres, 50cm x 30 x 30
it has a heater, light, good internal filter, 5 live plants an ornament and gravel

i have been slowly introducing some fish

i currently have two tetras one is neon, the other some sort of red breed. they tend to stick together
a female swordtail, which i've read is fine by itself
and a glass catfish, which i am a bit worried as i've read it also likes to shoal.

i would soon like to introduce some other fish, but im not sure what is sutable exactly, and how many

i would possibly be interested in a male fighting fish (i know this has to be added last) maybe an angel fish or some more tetras perhaps a golden apple snail too. i'd love something perhaps quite fancy in a way

im all a bit unsure of how much and what i can still add???

and also, would like to ask about feeding? i currently just feed all the fish flakes, but hear some like live food? particularly the glass catfish? please help me with this!

any advice would be extremely helpful!! thanks

kitten_penang 08-11-2010 06:01 AM

if you wanna keep the tetra you will have to add 5 more neons thats the minimum required as for angel fish with's bad for the betta as angelfish like to nip just like swordtails.add a few more glass fish and you'll be at the max for the aquarium.

JohnnyD44 08-11-2010 06:01 AM

Hello and Welcome to TFK!

Your 45L tank is approximately 10G, I'll go off of gallons since I'm more comfortable with it! :-)

Your tetras, and any tetras for that matter should be kept in groups of atleast 6. Tetras are shoaling fish, they are better in numbers, they prefer bigger groups as it makes them feel more safe. For starters, I would definetly pick up some more neon tetras. Do you have a picture of the fish which you've labeled as a "red breeed" tetra? It could be a number of things....but if it is in fact a tetra, it should be kept in groups of atleast 6, so keep that in mind. I would also up the number of your glass catfish to atleast 6 as well....problem you're going to run into is that there is now three groups of 6 fish and your female sword tail. That isn't exactly overload, but 19 fish in a 10G tank might be pushing things.

Your plants help to filter your tank, what kind of filter are you running?

On the food, I feed my fish a mixture of flakes, and other freeze dried foods and veggies.

joshuaedgington 08-11-2010 06:18 AM

hi, thanks for your replies both of you

in answer to the first one, yeah i t had thought that they angel fish wouldnt be suitable with the fighting fish for that reason, but thought i'd check. is this the same as with tetras though?

i probably osund completely like i havent got a clue what im talking about, excuse me! i am a begginer i've only had colwater fish before. but i have done plenty of research, and am now just looking for advice on sticking the rest of the tank

my filter is aqua-el fan 1 plus. im unable to get a picture at the moment, as the tetra moves too fast each time i try! it's an orangy colour, more than bright red or anything. it has some sort of almost bloated stomach underneath. i cant seem to find what breed it is, but i am convinced it is a tetra, as it has the smae fins as the neon, and they almost seem to be starting a shoal, even though there is only two of them. thank you for your advice so far. you said about getting 6 of each of the tetras? i may be wrong, but i read somewhere that tetras will also shoal with other tetra breeds. what do you know about this? and as for the fighting fish not being suitable for begginers, i've been told differently as long as they are added last? sorry if it seems im disagreeing with you im not i'm just letting you know what i have been told so far. i was looking to set up a community tank with quantity rather than size, and a great variety of fish. have is started compeltely wrong?

thanks for your help! hope to hear a reply

LisaC144 08-11-2010 06:30 AM

Also a quick note on the Angelfish. Angelfish need a minimum tank size of 30g when young and 55g (although I think larger) when full grown. You will have major issues putting an Angelfish in a 10g tank.
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joshuaedgington 08-11-2010 06:33 AM

thanks, yeah i think angelfish are completely off the cards!
but still confused to what i can put in :S

JohnnyD44 08-11-2010 06:36 AM

A picture of that other tetra sure would help for some ID purposes. Perhaps you could peruse our fish profiles, by clicking the big green link at the top of the page. Our tetras are located in the "characins" section, byron has done a great job adding a lot of them, perhaps your fish will be in there.

On issue of differnt tetras schoaling together. I personally have never seen this, however my black neon tetras will school with my blue neon tetras. (is that what you meant?) I have differnent groups of tetras in my tank and the neons do not school with the serpae tetras.

The fighting fish, I know next to nothing about....I never said they're were suitable for beginner fish, I just don't know much about them, so I'll let someone else comment.

joshuaedgington 08-11-2010 06:47 AM

thanks for suggesting the profiles. i have indeed identifued it to be an ember tetra. so that helps.
with the different tetras schoaling, i read it on a neo tetra profile page somewhere. i think it said they are a schoaling fish, but may be happy to schoal with other breeds of tetra.

and no it was the person above your first post who i think commented on the fighting fish more?

but yes im still very very confused to what i can put in now, where i've gone wrong etc.

anymore help or advice? :S
thank you very much!

kitten_penang 08-11-2010 07:11 AM

bettas are ok for beginners but single male in a community tank is the first rule.second rule no nipping fish and thats about it.they arent fussy fish and are easy to take care of and they only fight among males of their kind so adding it first or last in a community tank is irrelevant. the neons will be ok in a betta tank as long as it has a few plants in it.quantity of fish depends on the size of the aquarium and a great variety of fish depends on the species you cant have one and not the other a balance is what we want to achieve in an aquarium. too much fish and too little space and your have a very messy tank and disease that will make fish keeping a real hassle. to much variety and you might have dead fish in the tank all the time. if you want you can get a betta as a center piece add extra neons and give away the glass fish.

LisaC144 08-11-2010 08:39 AM

I must comment on the betta. SOME peple do try to mix a betta in a community tank but it is never advised. Betta's personalities vary greatly among each one. Some will tolerate other fish,while others would not. It is always 'advised' to keep betta's single. If you want tank mates for a betta, what is usually recommended are snails, shrimp, otos, and pygmy cories. I personally would not risk adding a betta in with neons, although some people report success with it.

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