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britnyjackson 08-10-2010 07:39 PM

Very agressive Platy!
One of my platy's has become VERY aggressive towards the other platy's in the tank....especially one in particular. She keeps her fins flared and leans sideways in an "attack" position, then chases the other fish. The water param's are great, all of the fish appear very healthy....any idea what's going on? Should I put her in a "time out" in a cycled available 5 gal? I'm just worried she's going to hurt the other fish, or stress herself out.
Any help is very appreciated! Thanks!

biokid101 08-10-2010 08:04 PM

i wud change her to the other tank since it is available and is she pregnant???

Ponyo 08-11-2010 03:13 AM

I tried some time outs with a Platy that used to chase and nip fins, but it never changed his behavior for long. I finally took him back to the pet store because I don't want bullies. I am surprised that a female is being so aggressive. I have two in my current tank and they usually get along. The older, larger one can get a little nippy now and then.

kitten_penang 08-11-2010 03:31 AM

even people get crappy if they are pregnant lol

britnyjackson 08-11-2010 11:25 AM

She's never been aggressive before and has had several batches of fry. I did put her in her "time out tank" and she hates it. She's hiding in the corner behind the decorations. I think she may be pregnant now, but it's kinda hard to tell.

kitten_penang 08-11-2010 11:50 AM

well why dont you put the good one in the other tank and lessens the bad ones stress as it may be pregnant and only put the good one back after it's given birth. or the other way around +)

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