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Twitch 08-10-2010 01:31 PM

Need to Cycle a 10g Tank
I will be setting up a 10g tank soon (as soon as I figure out where to put it) for my bluegill to go into. (I will be increasing the size of his tank slowly) and I want to cycle it before I put him in it. I want to cycle using fish as this is the easiest way I know how to do it. (Yes, I know it is not a popular way to cycle)

I plan on using the following for the tank....

10g Tank
Florescent Light (it comes with the light hood. Its old so if it doesn't work I will be getting this.. )
Gravel (color optional) (if there is a better substrate for plants please let me know)
Top Fin Filter for 10g (only because I'm broke and can't afford the good stuff)
Rock Decor
Live Plants (I have not decided on specific plants as I am not sure what would grow and survive well. Any suggestions?)

Tank Inhabitants will be a single bluegill (currently an inch long) and a plecostomos. (Yes I am aware they get huge. That is why I will be increasing the tank size as they get bigger.)I have not decided on any other fish to go in the tank but suggestions are always welcome. I have been told bluegill are aggressive and should only be kept with other aggressive fish or those of their own species. Since I cannot go find baby bluegill out in the wild very easily, I'm going to have to settle for either just him or trying to find some other species that can live with him until he gets bigger and I can put him in a large tank with some adults of his own kind that I can catch and keep. (though, knowing my luck, it is probably illegal to even have this one.)

He is about one inch long now and is going into a 10g tank. I plan on moving him up to a 20g long tank as soon as he begins to get too large for the 10g. At what length can I expect to move him to the 20g long?

So once I have the filter running, water in the tank and the gravel in (I plan on putting the decor in as well, but I will leave the plants for when the tank is done cycling, unless it is good to have them in during a cycle.) I will not be able to invest in a master test kit just yet so I will be relying on the test strips from work (I work in a petstore) How do I get started? I used to know this stuff, but I have not kept a freshwater fish tank in years.

(I will also be using this thread to keep a log of the test results, pictures of the tank as it develops with decor and plants, and my experiences with cycling this tank.)

dfbiggs 08-11-2010 08:29 AM

Well first things first....what do you have the fish in now?

Here's some exciting you don't have to put your fish through torture and cycling with him in it..they make a new product now that cycles your aquarium in 48hrs..Its called Safe Start and you can get it at most places now..the word is getting out..I have used it. Works well.

no i don't work for them but I should get commission..I've been blabbing about it all around town.

As far as keeping blue gill that would be all your research..i know nothing about them other than when i used to go fishing I would catch them.

Hope this helped some,


kitten_penang 08-11-2010 08:36 AM

see i told you good dining fish lol anyway seriously run the tank with the plants it will help suck up some of the nutrients and help cycle the tank. if you want to do the 48 hour thing please don't use gravel it will make the aquarium murky and for it to clear in 48 hours would be a miracle but yours is a small tank so you can try.if it's truly clear and with no spikes of anything in the tank by all means add the fish

Twitch 08-11-2010 10:14 AM

He is in a 2.5g right now. Yes I know that is too small but he is getting water changes and he is being moved to the 10g as soon as it is cycled. I am setting up the tank today.
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kitten_penang 08-11-2010 11:16 AM

good luck

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