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tanker 08-08-2010 06:40 AM

I've got a baby platy - now what?
Today I discovered a little baby platy in my 75-litre tank. I'd assumed that any fry would be eaten and I presume that any other fry since the tank was established in March were eaten. This one looks like a tiny little fish. Might he still be eaten or will he get to grow up? I've never noticed any fry before, he's the first one I've noticed.

If he's beaten the odds of being eaten and is here to stay, what should I do with him? Am I right in thinking that he/she won't have any qualms about breeding with his mother or father? I can move either the male (I have 1 male, 4 females), the baby, or both to my new 250 litre tank, but that won't solve the issue if the baby is female, only if he's male.... If I ask the aquarium shop to take it, how big would he need to be before he could be rehomed?

If I rehome my male and the baby (if he's male), would the females get on together ok or would they start fighting (or something)?

Any advice as to what I should do? Thanks.

Oldman47 08-08-2010 09:45 AM

There is no problem leaving your fry in the tank Tanker. The fish may well decide to breed after a while n=but unless you are breeding large numbers of fish to sell you will probably never notice any problems resulting from the inbreeding that happens. All of these fish resulted from breeding a mere 2 pairs of adult fish that were once siblings. I never see any defectives in the tank and have had the same colony going for several years now. There were only 2 pairs because I selected the specific traits I wanted to preserve from the many in my other endler tank that had been derived from only 4 original pairs of wild type endlers. Those 4 pairs had converted my 20 gallon high tank to a very crowded environment and I decided that I liked the lower sword look that you can see on some of the males in the picture. The picture is of my now quite crowded 45 gallon tank.

tanker 08-08-2010 09:51 AM

Thanks. The tank is pretty much fully stocked so I really won't have room for him when he grows up. Maybe I'll just move him or my male to the bigger tank.

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