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squiggles1 04-09-2007 05:26 PM

i'm having a bit of an algae outbreak in my tank. It's a planted tank with 2.6 wpg and diy co2. The algea's not really bad but it's a bit annoying. I think it's fuzz algea, it's green and a little like hair but I don't think it's hair algea. It grows everywhere, on the plants, glass, driftwood, etc. We've managed to keep it at bay but I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions. We've got a phosphate test and that's not out of control. My husband added some NPK fertilizer a while ago and the algea didn't seem really affected for good or bad. All our plants seem to be doing well besides having a bit of algea on them. I read that high iron could cause it (we have well water) but I don't have a test for iron. We have 2 ottos (babies) 2 bronze cories (babies), 1 siamese algea eater, and a snail of some kind (besides the snails that come with the live plants). The tank is 30g, do I need a bigger cleaner crew? I also read that mollies are a big help with this algea, anyone know? They would go fine with the other inhabitants if they would help.

jones57742 04-09-2007 05:33 PM

The following links may be of some help:

After reviewing this information please post again with any questions.


squiggles1 04-09-2007 06:27 PM

thanks, i think i'll try feeding a little less and maybe getting a molly. hopefully once my plants are more established they will win the war on algea for me. Some of my plants were aquired about 2 weeks ago.I think it would be tricky to do much vacuuming do to the amount of plants and all the roots that entails. that's my tank, the front isn't so bad but the back would be hazardous.

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