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Jmalone 08-06-2010 02:13 PM

stocking help
Hey everyone!

So, I have a 38 gallon aquarium setup (along with my 20H that is doing quite well!!) but i havent decided what to put in the 38 gal....I love cichlids, but being as im kinda new and I hear they can be a bit of a handfull to take care of, I dont really want to risk killing them, plus I dont know if a 38 gal. is big enough to house a few of those 20H has 2 gold barbs, 3 cherry barbs, 1 dwarf gourami, and 2 pearl danios. (all from the asia region if im not mistaken). Even if I cant do cichlids, I would just like to add species from a different region, just to make it different from my other tank.

PatrickxEdge 08-06-2010 04:59 PM

I personally like the South America region fish they have a really fun personality (most of them) and are very active swimmers so fun to watch! i love my Pictus catfish and Silver tipped shark (colombian shark) however it depends on how big or small you want the fish in the aquarium! i would recommend looking into compatibility of fish before buying any though. also are you setting it up Fresh water, Saltwater or Brackish?

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