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bearwithfish 08-05-2010 01:08 PM

10 gal nano as a frag tank?
as stated i am thinking of making one of my tens into a frag tank for in the future once i get into corals and get some good growth.. this is the set up i had in mind please toss out ideas and issues that you see

10 gallon AGA
plexi top
small heater
2 bulb t8 fixture with 10000k and 50/50 bulbs
a HOB ran either empty or with some macro algea (this will be a huge HOB rated to 50 gallons +)
as there will be no live stock other than corals and the HOB is so big no other pumps needed
a two or three level plexi frag rack
and thats it no sand no LR just this simple set up...
thoughts? ideas?

Splinter492 08-05-2010 07:33 PM

wouldnt you need live rock and sand to maintain the tank? or would the corals do it all? im fairly new to this and just thought id throw that out there

bearwithfish 08-05-2010 08:29 PM

no as far as i can tell (and i may be wrong hence the advice sought) all should be fine with W/C weekly and as the corals have such a small bio-load the macro should be fine.... if i am not correct i want some more input

onefish2fish 08-05-2010 10:05 PM

i think it could work but you'd be better off connecting it to your display if possible. honestly if i was in your shoes i would just grow the corals in your display. for a few small frags you can get a magnet frag rack for the side of the tank. the lighting would be better there too.

thinking outloud here, wouldnt 6500K lights see better growth? i'd think so. you would DEF. not see any of the colors you would under a higher spectrum but growth would be better. however this may encourage algae growth as well.

i suggest getting alittle more hands on experience with corals in the main tank before branching out. if you do connect this to your display though it will be nice and stable. remember the smaller the tank the larger the problems, not saying you cant handle them.. but its something that can be avoided.. atleast for now.

onefish2fish 08-05-2010 10:17 PM

another option is to have an area in your sump for frags if you can for the time being. good lighting would be needed but it would already be connected to your display for a stable enviroment. this will allow you to keep your display looking like a display but still reach the same/ or similiar results.

bearwithfish 08-06-2010 07:09 AM


Originally Posted by onefish2fish (Post 440365)
another option is to have an area in your sump for frags if you can for the time being. good lighting would be needed but it would already be connected to your display for a stable enviroment. this will allow you to keep your display looking like a display but still reach the same/ or similiar results.

you know i thought about this after posting i have the refugium between the skimmer/intake and te return that only has some macro in it.... my concern would be the light is on 24/7 and i really like the result of this and want to avoid changing the light schedule.... the lights is a full spectrum 5500k (surprisingly grows the macro better than the 6500k, kinda weird but its true)
could healing corals benefit from this much light or would that cause more issues?
i started drawing up my racks last night and i can easily adapt the measurements to fit the fuge....
as for hooking another tank into the system i would have a few issues...1) the stand i built will not accommodate another tank, 2) the sump stand wont either, 3) i am really not liking the potential look of a second stand for this right next to the existing one.... you have seen my set up in detail so you can kinda envision it ..
ok so i will shut up and wait for your input....

onefish2fish 08-06-2010 09:45 AM

your right, or atleast it makes sense to me. 24/7 i think would be to stressful on recently cut corals and it would prob. be best they had a dark period.

what are the lights in your display again?
although a magnet frag rack isnt the prettiest thing, putting one off to the side while you have coral snips isnt soo bad. you can allow them to grow alittle then put the frag disks/plugs in your sand bed until its time to trade/sell them. not ideal but less troubling then setting up another seperate tank you would have to monitor, adjust, and keep ontop of. me personally, for the trouble of having to do all that, would prefer a 40 breeder for a frag tank and i would create a DIY shelf out of a sheet of egg crate ( the plugs fit right into it ) that was raised up about halfway in the tank, id try connecting it to my display if possible ( which in your case it is not )
since you couldnt connect it, i would put a few pieces of live rock below the eggcrate shelf, a sixline wrasse, plenty of powerheads, and t5s or better yet halides for the best growth. the idea ( or atleast my thinking ) is to make it something worth doing rather then making it for a headache and to get frustrated. a 10 gallon tank isnt much space to work with, and doesnt leave much room for error. dont mean to be discouraging but i suggest starting with the corals in your display and then think about more space. you have that entire tank to fill before you'll need more room :wink:

bearwithfish 08-06-2010 09:56 AM

current lights are
2x 6500k full spectrum
1x 10000k t8
1x 50/50 t8

upgrading soon (going to 2bulb t5's in front 36" and a 24" or 30" 2 bulb t5 in the back suspended over the glass)

i like the egg crate but i have a ton of plexi around and its nothing to drill it or put in slots for flow as needed (i intend to use rubble for the frags as i like the look better than plugs, ohhhh perhaps tile...)

been tossing the idea around about a pico or a nano any way so having a 10 gall for frags only would be cool.... just LR huh?? may make things easier.... keeping the thoughts flowing will decide later its a month or so off at this point any way

reefsahoy 08-16-2010 05:01 PM

just make a frag rack by using egg crate glued to a cleaning magnet. put it on the back glass of your display and move it behind the rock work you have now. i'll post a pic of mine when i get home later in the week. your only expense is a magnet, eggcrate, and glue. plus are no other tank to care for, no lights to buy, no filter to buy.

here's a picture whit my frag rack on the top right of the picture. i will get a better picture when i get home later this week. normally when i take pictures of the tank i slide the rack below the rock work so you don't see it in the pic.

bearwithfish 08-17-2010 06:55 AM

oh i like that i could easily build one behind the rocks... my question i guess becomes wont the coral need another environment to heal initially? are will they do ok in the main display with such a wound as fragging often causes... thinking of softies and mushrooms in this instance

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