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mjbn 08-04-2010 04:10 PM

Help breeding White CLoud Minnows
Hey, i currently have 6 white cloud minnows, and i'm having a bit of trouble sexing them, i thought some were females due to round bellys, but i just saw 2 of the so called "females" flaring their fins and chasing another (pretty sure its a female) female around, so i thoguht, oh that one must be a male then. Anyways, they're currently housed in a 10 Gallon tank with 2 male guppies. I'd like to breed them in a 2.5G then eventually move the fry up to a 5.5 gallon tank when my sister gives me her tank. But i can only deal with the 2.5G for a couple months. So how can i make then more conforatble mating? When do i move them into the 2.5G to mate? because i don't want the guppies to eat the eggs/fry. And how many do i move? All 6? or just pairs? I'd still need differenciation the sexes. Can someone with experience breeding WCMM's please give me a step-by-step method of breeding them?

mjbn 08-04-2010 04:38 PM

Here's a video of my 6 minnows, any help sexing them is appreciated!

View My Video

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