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kattty 08-03-2010 06:56 PM

Shipping Large Fish Tank
Has anyone got any experience doing this?or know of someone who has...

I know most people don't because shipping is outragiously high..however I'm lucky and know someone who works at the shipping company and gets a HUGE shipping discount so..with the price im getting the tank for and the money I'll save shipping I'll STILL be able to do the upgrades I want with the tank

The seller has agreed to ship it to me, however I was hoping to get some pointers from experienced people(I'll head to my LFS tomrrow to ask them) and see what they usually get their large aquarium in ect..

O..its a 6 foot long..1/2" glass thick 135 gallon aquarium.

Thanks so much,


JohnnyD44 08-04-2010 11:54 AM

I've never had a tank shipped to me, or have I shippd a tank of that size, but I do believe that the tank comes shipped inside a wooden crate. It's basically two by fours or the alike that brace the sides and the bottom from sliding around.

I know there's a thread on here with a picture of someone who receive their tank like this....

there it is, see the wooden crate? and the box on top of the crate?

my brother, who works at PetCo confirmed this is how they get most of their tanks

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