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izzy gibson 08-03-2010 02:40 PM

Strange Goldfish disease I need help with!
My lionhead goldfish who is 2 years old seems to be very sick. He is getting large tumors on his head that actually fall off! He is orange and the tumors begin looking like blisters then turn a dark redish colour then fall off. The fish seems alright as there is no open sores under the tumor when it comes off but I know he's not enjoying it when it occurrs as how the tumors are getting larger and it's making it hard for him to navigate! I've thoroughly cleaned out his tank numerous times, have treated him with ick and another medication (the name escapes me now) that the people at the pet store said would clear up the problem if it's curable. The PH levels are fine and the only change to the tank has been another smaller lionhead goldfish I added to the tank about a month ago. Oh, and these tumors are showing up increadably fast. The last large one he got showed up over night! He was perky and happy 8 hours earlier and looked fine then was sick when with another tumor went to feed him the next morning. Can anyone suggest anything?

kitten_penang 08-04-2010 05:46 AM

there seems to be no treatment for it. im so sorry to hear you fish has it.

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