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Holly 04-08-2007 08:34 PM

I can't move the tank and the sun is killing me!
We moved out living room around a few months ago so I had to move my tank to the only available spot. Now that it's Spring and the sun is brighter and spending more time out, I'm getting soooo much little green algea spots on the front of my tank. I can't move the tank since there's no where for it to go, I can't put something over the window since it's a skylight and 15 feet from the floor. Now I'm thinking of something that UV rays can't get through to put on the side of the tank taking the sunlight. Any ideas? I tried a blue sticky thing that you put in babies rooms so the light isn't so bright but it really didn't do much. I bought more plants (Anarchis?) which will fight with the algea for nutrients and now I'm thinking about the UV steralizer to cut down on the algea. If I can do something that won't distube the fish, I'd rather do that. I'm just not sure what.

Falina 04-08-2007 08:40 PM

perhaps you could look at this as a blessing rather than a curse and use it to get some algae eating fish or snails? you seem pretty well stocked but you could maybe get some snails that im sure would eat all the algae, and would provide some entertainment for you.

mysticevils 04-08-2007 08:49 PM

Foil Backing
Some stores sell reflective backgrounds. Perhaps you could try that, with the reflective side facing the window.

mr.bojangles 04-08-2007 09:55 PM

u could spraypaint ur window black. no but really just get a pleco .. and if it over runs him use a razor blade and cut the algae out urself

fish_4_all 04-08-2007 10:31 PM

I would guess that the sunlight is not helping but I don't know if it the cause all by itself. With plants in the tank, the spectrum of the light from the sun could be helping the plants to use up the Phosphates in the tank. If the alage is the really hard green spot algae it is most likely being caused by a phosphate shortage and not the sunlight directly. Try dosing phophates and see if that helps. I get green spot algae every time I forget to dose PO4.

Basically the sunlight could be acting as another light and has just increased the nutrient uptake of the tank. For the most part, sunlight causes more of the soft algae and not the hard algaes like green spot, BBA and staghorn. They are caused by nutirent imbalances where the soft ones are from simply too much light and direct sunlight.

Lupin 04-08-2007 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by mr.bojangles
u could spraypaint ur window black. no but really just get a pleco .. and if it over runs him use a razor blade and cut the algae out urself

There is no need to resort to fish as your option for algae control. There are other better options than just using fish to control the algae such as balancing nutrients and trace elements as Chris(fish_4_all) has often suggested. More problems just lie ahead when you resort to fish. Space issue, compatibility issue and honestly, the bioload problems most can get you into.:roll:

mr.bojangles 04-09-2007 08:32 AM

plecos r 0 bioload. they wont bother anything, and if somethings bothering it its got basicly armour on it. and if ur worried about it getting to big, get a dwarf species. and most lfs hav a policy that if u bring in a large pleco they'll trade it in for a small 1

fish_4_all 04-09-2007 10:32 AM

Sorry but I have to disagree about plecos. They are a huge bioload and one of the messiest non predator fish out there. They are poo machines and make a huge mess.

If the tank is large enough a pleco will make a nice addition but no fish will solve a problem. You could have an army of different types of algae eating fish and your plants would simply suffer and not grow without a large amount of algae.

The problem is the algae is thriving because the plants are not. Once you make the plants happy the algae no longer has an excess of nutrients with a lack of something else so they can't thrive. The only way I have ever been able to induce algae of any sort was to stop dosing something while dosing everything else like phosphates. I stop dosing PO4 and within a week I have massive amounts of green spot algae. I stop dosing calcium and I got staghorn and so on.

mr.bojangles 04-09-2007 02:37 PM

get a bushy nose pleco ... wont out grow an aquarium. or just clean out the algae urself... take a razorblade and cut it out

Reun 04-09-2007 04:04 PM

ok, even small plecos such as bristle nose plecos are a HUGE bioload...I had a 2" one in my community one week i went from no measurable nitrates to 10ppm!!! they poop alot, they eat a ton,and they are some of the messiest fish in the hobby...dont belive me? look it up.

they also are a fair algae eater at best. dont expect them to eat algae off of BN only went for the soft algae on driftwood and and soft algae on the sides of the tank.

get yourself some snails or a school of ottos...much better algae eaters and not a bioload on the tank...

in my ten gallon i actually keep junk snails...the ones detrimental to plants, but I only keep a couple floating plants and some java moss in the tank. those little buggers multiply like mad and keep the tank spotless. sometimes in the middle of the night i will go and scrape baby snails off the side of my glass to keep the population under control...other than that I let them do their thing.

but yeah, it says you have a pleco in a 30 gallon...bad idea...even a dwarf is too much for your current amount of fish in a 30g...

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