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mr.bojangles 04-08-2007 06:05 PM

electric blue crayfish
what do u think would happen if I wer to put an electric blue lobster in my 20TTgal. community tank. its still being set up so I only have 2 golden wonder killis, 3 khuli loaches, a dwarf neon rainbow, and a bumble bee goby. its planed as a community tank future stocking is.

3 honey gouramis
6+ of the coolest cory cats
5 more dwarf neon rainbows
8 black phanton tetras
3 more khuli loaches
6 rummy nose tetras
cockatoo cichlid pair
dwarf 3 line catfish
3 borneo loaches
an army of otto cats
gypsy tiger king pleco
and watever I see that I like

id also like to mention this is going to be a heavily planted tank.

if I wer to find the smallest crayfish I could find put it in after all my other fish and spot fed him to be sure he got enough would u for see a problem. or do u think I could get away with it. I won't be surprised to loose a couple fish but I think its worth it for the awesome ness of the crayfish. also, this tank is 22" tall so I think the fish will have plenty of room to escape

thanks in advance

Lupin 04-08-2007 06:11 PM

Welcome to the forum.:wave:

No crayfish should be in a tank together with fish. Oftentimes, they have a tendency to kill their fellow tankmates. All cichlids and bottom dwellers are likely to be the victims of the crayfish. Regardless of size, crayfish should not be considered as part of the community.

Are these borneo loaches hillstream loaches? If so, they need cooler waters and fast currents which your other fish will not certainly appreciate. Any lack or insufficient amount of oxygen will not allow them to thrive for a long time. A river setup would be their best home than a planted tank.

mr.bojangles 04-08-2007 06:14 PM

there a type of algea eater. there whole front half of there body is there sucker including the fins (almost like a goby). there brown with yellow stripes

Lupin 04-08-2007 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by mr.bojangles
there a type of algea eater. there whole front half of there body is there sucker including the fins (almost like a goby). there brown with yellow stripes

Like this?

I am under the impression you were indeed talking about hillstream loaches.:) There are several species actually and none will do well in a tank without currents to drag and massive amount of oxygen to thrive.

mr.bojangles 04-08-2007 06:21 PM

ya thats them. i ges ill skip on those and just go with my army of otto cats and gypsy tiger king pleco

mr.bojangles 04-08-2007 06:24 PM

can u see any other problems i over looked. im not a newb so i usally know but i just saw the borneos and thot they wer cool. ya so any ther problems

Lupin 04-08-2007 06:28 PM

Increase the number of rummy-nose tetras and cross out the rainbows from the list. Crayfish should also be crossed out and so are the borneo loaches.

I know little about plecs so I'll leave your plec to other people to decide. As for otos, they should be fine along with the cories and kuhli loaches. Cockatoo dwarf cichlids should be fine. A pair will do. Honey gouramis should also be fine. Appears to be the only surface dwellers I see.

I'm not familiar with dwarf 3 line catfish.:squint:

Good luck.:)

mr.bojangles 04-08-2007 06:32 PM

y no rainbows... ther dwarf neon so they only get about 1.5" tops. and isnt 6 generally the accepted number of tetras for school. i was gona do 9 of both types to start but since im not getting the borneos i may then.

Lupin 04-08-2007 06:38 PM

I was thinking your tank is a 20 gallons when you said 20TT gallons. If it was, they need more swimming space.:)

mr.bojangles 04-08-2007 06:42 PM

true. but i need at least 2 more for the 1 i already got. wats an awesome fih i could put in aswell to replace the 3 lost rainbows

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