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Amphitrite 04-08-2007 06:02 AM

Weird pleco behaviour!
I have two ancistrus sp.3 in my tank - I've had them for around 10 months now. Now and again theyll have a bit of a scrap over an algae wafer at feeding time, but apart from that they don't pay much attention to one another.

I have just put some flakes in the tank, and as usual they came to the front of the tank. Anyway, next thing, they had locked lips! They kept doing this, and then started circling each other closely, locking lips inbetween times. They carried on doing this for about ten minutes.

Has anyone ever seen this before? Was this just a fight, or were they getting jiggy with it? :brow:

Lupin 04-08-2007 06:07 AM

Ha ha...This sounds quite fun for them.:welldone: Have a good time watching them.:thumbsup:

By the way, I cannot say it could be a breeding behavior because I never observed any breeding techniques considering the Law of Supply and Demand in my area nor do I have gone to breeding ancistrus.:)

Amphitrite 04-10-2007 01:11 PM

Very strange, but I saw them doing it again yesterday, shortly after putting flakes in the tank. It only happens when I feed flakes, no other food :dunno:

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