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jkpersons 07-31-2010 05:18 PM

need help with Nitrite and Nitrate
Are my levels ok or can I get them down lower? I have been fighting with my nitrate and nitrite since I have started my tank about 6 months ago. I cant seem to get them any lower. Algae doesn't seem bad. I am doing a 20% water change once a week. I have read that if I remove the bio wheel from my filter it may go down more. Not sure if this is true or not. My fish seem to be fine. Water is crystal clear. No slime build up anywhere. I started out with 2 fish. A month later added 2 more, then 1 a month after that. I have taken it slow. Any advice would be a great help.


The only thing I have not been able to keep in my tank is shrimp.

I get saltwater that is pumped in from 2 miles out in the ocean(and its FREE)

Nitrite 1.0 ppm
Nitrate 10ppm (may be 5 to 10 its hard to tell color on test are so close)
Ammonia 0ppm
Ph 8.4
temp 79
1.026 specific gravity
55 gal
protein skimmer
bio wheel filter
1 power head
large live rock
4 damsels
1 nemo
1 blue rhino
1 white spotted puffer(about 1")
1 feather duster

Mr Fishy 07-31-2010 06:07 PM

What do the tests look like on the water before it's added to your tank?

jkpersons 07-31-2010 06:37 PM

all undetectable trace amounts. But, it is fresh ocean water.

bearwithfish 07-31-2010 09:18 PM

ok so a few things here and i dont mean to sound harsh if i do, my preemptive apologies
your numbers are not that bad but somethings could be changed to help you out a bit more
1st 1-2 pounds of Live rock per gallon is best
2nd what is your substrate? live sand upto 1" is good or over 3-4" is great anything in between messes with the chemistry significantly
are you using a sump?
ditch the Bio-Wheel and any media in the filter... if you want to run it drop some macro-algae in there and rig up a light to run either opposite your tank lights or 24/7 this will help more than the filter media (read this it may be useful
oh and this is another great one

let me know if we can help some more we have a number of great saltwater members here...

oh yeah i am a bit slow lol WELCOME to TFK!!!!!!!!!!!

onefish2fish 08-01-2010 10:17 AM

i agree, ditch the bio wheel, those are for freshwater filters. your nitrITE levels should be 0.

when and how much do you water change? what and how often do you feed?

welcome to the forum.

BlueHalo 08-01-2010 02:39 PM

when in doubt.. take a sample to your LFS, I suspect your test kits first, what brand are they? also try running a pouch of purigen

njudson 08-02-2010 10:28 AM

My first guess would be that you need some more rock

reefsahoy 08-10-2010 03:53 PM

i agree with bearwithfish to ditch the biowheel, add live rock, however i disagree with the sand depth. if you got enough rocks you can run a tank without sand. i use to run a sps tank without sand and those corals are even mre sensative to nitrate and nitrite.

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