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bradley22 04-08-2007 12:43 AM

Rock Has Black Algae like substance on it
Hi Guys,

I purchased a small rock from my local fish shop and when i got it home i was boiling some hot water to clean any bacteria etc on the rock before putting it in my tank. But i noticed this black algae or moss on the rock and i didnt put the rock in. I have tried a couple of times to boil the rock to remove the black substance and to no effect. Does anyone have a suggestion to remove this black substance from the rock can i leave it in a bucket with some sort of chemical to kill the algae or whatever it may be?

Cheers Brad

The-Wolf 04-08-2007 05:23 AM

try a bleach dip.

add 1ml of bleach to 1ltr of water (if useing a 5ltr bucket, 5ml of bleach is needed, obviouse but it needs saying)
dip the rock in the bleach for around 1 min.
remove rock and rinse untill you can not smell any bleach on it.
leave the rock to air dry, preferably in the sun.

before placeing it in the tank smell it again, if you can still smell bleach then repeat the above rinsing process.

I can not stress enough that bleach will wipe out all of your tank if it gets in,
you have to be certain that you have removed all traces of the bleach from the rock.

also please take the precautions stated on the bottle of bleach, after all it is an acid and can harm you.

mysticevils 04-08-2007 08:59 PM

If you have any ramshorn snails in your tank they could probably control the algae. However, from your description of the algae, it might be blue-green algae, which is a bacteria.

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