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bones14 07-31-2010 12:55 PM

50g build
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Attachment 15244Ok,so I'm bored and decided to start this thread for my 50 gal build.I'm thinking about either a SE Asian theme or Rainbows.It will be planted and any opinions or suggestions are welcome.

aunt kymmie 07-31-2010 03:09 PM

Nice work, Lee. I wish I knew how to building something. I'm impressed with your skills! :-D

LisaC144 07-31-2010 03:52 PM

Gorgeous, Lee! Job well done. I look forward to following your new build. Good luck!
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bones14 07-31-2010 08:51 PM

Thanks ya'll.I've been doing a lot of research on different fish and still haven't made up my mind exactly what I want to do yet.I'm getting some flagstone and tumbled river rock from a friend that's been working on his yard and I know it hasn't been treated with anything.Better yet it's free!I'm also going with a black sustrate.I've still got to buy a filter and a few other small things.
I also just set up a 20 gal for my dad that we have cycling now.I built a stand that holds the 20g and his 5g.I'll get some pics of it tomorrow when I go over.

CSC2334 08-01-2010 07:40 AM

That stand is very nice, Lee. The entire package is! Black substrate would be perfect in this tank. How long does it take you making it?

onefish2fish 08-01-2010 09:23 AM

i suggest painting the background black if you havnt done so already. this will help your fish stand out. i personally would tape the edges and spray a few light coats (more light coats are better then a few heavy ) of black spray paint across the back. if its already filled with water this wouldnt be possible, but you could spray something black in that case and put it behind it. IMHO a black background looks best.
thats def. a nice looking stand you built there too. good job :wink:

bones14 08-01-2010 11:14 AM


Originally Posted by CSC2334 (Post 436955)
That stand is very nice, Lee. The entire package is! Black substrate would be perfect in this tank. How long does it take you making it?

Thanks.As far as the time goes,it depends.See my 3 yr old daughter loves to help so it slows me down.It's great though,she has her own tools and I have to cut wood for her to work on when I cut mine.I also let her help me do the staining which she likes most.
Onefish I just haven't gotten to the background yet.I don't know if I want to paint it though.I like to have the option of changing it if get the urge.I used black poster board on my 37g and a dark blue poster board on my 10g that like too.I'm going to try both on this one to see which one I like better.

bones14 08-04-2010 02:12 PM

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This has nothing to do with my 50g.It's the setup I built for my dad.
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bones14 08-05-2010 06:45 PM

Got my filter and gravel today as well as a new test kit and other odds and ends.Just need the plants and fish now.New pics will come soon.

JohnnyD44 08-05-2010 06:49 PM

that is a great looking stand!! did you build it from scratch yourself? If so, I wouldn't mind some "how-to" instructions :-D I'm lookin for a new stand...

well done so far sir!

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