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Ghost15 07-30-2010 04:22 PM

pearl danios acting weird
so i dont know for sure if there is something wrong with my 6 pearls but today i went to go check on them and they were acting all weird... 4 of them were hiding under either a piece of shale or an ornamental house. this is not like them... normally they are all swimming around the tank. the other 2 were darting around the tank trying to find a place to hide (from me cuz they started doing that when i walked into the room).

i dont know if they still arent used to people.. but i have had them for at least 2 months.. or if it was just so wacky thing because like 3 minutes after i checked on them 4 were back to normal and 2 were still hiding..

and yesterday i saw one of them acting weird as well... it was in the evening and one of them was sitting at the top and not really moving but that one ate a lot when i fed them... i have no idea whats up with them.. i just thought i would post to see what people thought.. cuz to me they are acting very strange

kitten_penang 07-30-2010 05:49 PM

2 months and only now they are acting weird? maybe someone else in the hse is scaring them.are they kept in total darkness? try leaving a light on so they know your there just don't barge in a open the light in a dark gets startled too =)

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