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tom14 04-07-2007 04:21 PM

dwarf gouramis
hi. my dwarf gourami has reasently built a bubble nest and i was wondering if my pair are going to breed or not.

my female is around 4cm long and her stmach has changed shape. it was round but now it has sort of bcome more curved near the front bottom part of her when looked from the side but there is no real bulge. is she "growing up" and developing or producing eggs?

they are in a 15g with 2 juvinile peppered cories and 2 guppies. and i havent done anything "special" to make him make it. (ie i havent lowered level of water, change temp etc) i was wondering if he was doing it for fun or is he wanting to breed?


Falina 04-17-2007 07:28 AM

never had gouramis so this is just a guess im afraid but i know that males can often build bubble nests even thoguh theyre not breeding. i think all bubble nest builders are the same

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