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Freddy 07-26-2010 12:49 PM

Angelfish finally spawned!
My angelfish finally laid eggs! :-D I was on vacation while they actually spawned, but last night I came back and found eggs on the breeding slate! Today I have moved the parents and eggs to their own tank. This morning the male (the father, I think, but once I removed him another male came up and the female didn't chase him away) started to eat eggs in gulps while the female was distracted. After each gulp the female attacked him, so I just put him in a bag. After three chances to stop eating eggs, he wouldn't, so I left him in the bag and tried to decide what to do as I left to go to my school's summer band camp (we have to go every day that would be a school day. 8 hours today!!!:-( ) and when I came back, the female had paired up with another male. I moved them to their own tank, and I'm expecting the eggs to hatch tomorrow.

LisaC144 07-26-2010 12:54 PM

Congrats!! Angelfish eggs take about 7 days to become free-swimming fry. Do you have wigglers yet? Below is a link to an amazing documentary on YouTube explaining the life cycle of spawning to free-swimming. It will give you a better idea of when you can expect to see free-swimming fry. Good luck!

Freddy 07-26-2010 01:31 PM

Thanks. That was one of the sources of information that I looked at. I'm looking over it again.

The parents aren't caring for the eggs any more. Is something wrong with the new tank? I used water from the old aquarium and cleaned the new tank. It's not actually new, it's just new to the fish. This is an established aquarium. Most of the eggs are pink, and only a couple are white. Why aren't the parents caring for the eggs? Are they just waiting for wigglers?

LisaC144 07-26-2010 01:40 PM

Are there other fish in the tank? Regardless, sometimes it takes a few spawns until the Angelfish pair actually care for the eggs and fry. Perhaps it will take a few spawns before they start caring for their eggs and young.

Freddy 07-26-2010 09:17 PM

After moving the female and the adopted-father male with the eggs to a different tank, they are now caring for the eggs. According to the documentary, angelfish spawns are about 400 eggs, not that that many fry survive. I have counted ~100 eggs. Is this because they're black angelfish, and the non-natural kinds have smaller spawns, or is that only for the "super veil" angelfish? I am going to start a batch of brine shrimp soon. I hope most of the fry survive!

Freddy 07-27-2010 04:11 PM

Got back from band practice today for my lunch break. I looked in the tank, and all of the eggs were wigglers! I was so glad to see that they were progressing that I overlooked (until now) that the parents had actually been eating the eggs. Oh, well. I have to go to a wedding on the other side of the country for 3 days anyway, so the fry wouldnt have been fed then. So, with 19 eggs out of 100 to begin with, I took the slate out and washed the remaining eggs down the drain. The parents are now in the tank with the other fish, and so is the slate. In about 20-23 days, there should be more eggs on the slate, and I can take care of them then. I just hope the parents can too.

LisaC144 07-27-2010 07:59 PM

Like I said, sometimes it takes a few spawns. also, if the parents feel threatened in any way, they will eat the eggs before the 'threat' can get to them. When my Angel's spawned, my rummynose started eating the eggs when the parents were feeding and they rushed back to the eggs and quickly at them all. They'd rather eat them themselves then have another fish eat them. It was a bit diappointing, but I guess it's just how it goes.

Freddy 08-09-2010 07:29 PM

I can see eyes on the second spawn that is now wigglers. They should be free swimming either tomorrow or the day after. I think I'll use First Bites until I can get a brine shrimp hatchery set up.

LisaC144 08-09-2010 08:31 PM

I'm at the same exact stage! I actually witnessed my spawning (See video, "LIVE VIDEO: Angelfish spawning!) last Tuesday. Therefore, they will be free-swimming tomorrow. I work a typical 9-5 job, so hopefully they'll be free-swimming later in the evening so I can feed them at night. I'm really not expecting any survivors in a community tank, but I also picked up dome First Bites just in case. Good luck! Let me know how it turns out.

Freddy 08-12-2010 06:57 PM

The fry are free swimming today, and have been fed brine shrimp twice. The parents are protecting them well, but half of the fry are hanging at the top (looking for food?) and the other half are by the parents. The parents seem fine with this, but if any fry swim too far from either group, they are sucked up by the parents and spit back in to the rest of them. Do pet stores usually pay more for black angelfish, since that type is widely wanted?

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