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CSC2334 07-24-2010 10:01 AM

Help need for miniature Red Tiger Lotus
After I pruned off the mushy leaves, my red tiger lotus never grows back to what it was before. It remains like a miniature plant for 6 months now. I only cut off the withered leaves; was that wrong to do? I will do anything to bring it back to full size if I ever know what it needs. Please help.

Now I have just setup a new tank and purchased a Red Tiger Lotus from LFS yesterday. I don't want to repeat the mistake I had. Should I leave the mushy leaves rotten in my new tank?

Any advice to save my Tiger would be greatly appreciated.

Byron 07-24-2010 02:25 PM

I suspect the cause is pruning the leaves (even though they may be mushy). Nymphaea lotus normally sends leaves to float on the surface, but if these are regularly pruned, the plant will remain in a submerged stage (i.e., smaller in height).

I have one of these bulbs now that has sent leaves to the surface, so I have not yet had it long enough to know if it will reverse its inclinations. I would siphon out the "mush" if the leaf breaks apart, but otherwise I would suggest letting the leaves remain. I do this with crypts when they melt, just hold the siphon over the mess and not touch the plant itself; it works with them.

I see you just joined today, so welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum. :wave:


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