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Jmalone 07-24-2010 01:12 AM

got another tank!!
Hello everybody!!

So, long story short, I got a free 30 gallon tank and stand today. it came with a heater, filter, hood, light etc, but all of it was so poorly cared for that I decided to just start from scratch with everything.
I bought a 150W heater figuring that itd be better for the tank this way it wouldnt have to strain to reach temp. when it needed to. I bought a new glass hood, and a new filter. Originally I was considering going with a canister filter ( I kinda wish I stuck with that at this point). I bought a hagen aqua clear 50 HOB filter with the advice from the LFS, it seemed like a great filter untill I got it up and running, and just from looking at it, it just doesnt seem like its big enough to handle the tank. (its rated to work between 30-50 gallons) The intake pipe doesnt even reach halfway down the wondering if I should just go and get a canister filter like I had originally intended to....advice???\

also, I dont know what I plan on stocking the tank with so advice is always welcome...

I want to have the tank planted well also, so im wondering what lighting options I should always advice, comments, criticisms are always welcome

kitten_penang 07-24-2010 07:43 AM

wow great news indeed ^.^ a new tank is like a new toy but only they are way better. couldn't you just get a longer pipe instead of getting a new filter. i dont think they'll take back used stuff. or you could have a breeding or QT tank and use the filter there and get the canister for the main tank. it up to you.

Byron 07-24-2010 02:32 PM

It is a good idea to plan the fish for the aquarium before deciding on the filter, since different types of fish require somewhat different water flow and this comes from the filter. For example, a HOB (hang on back) filter usually has a fairly strong water flow cascading into the tank. Fish that occur in quiet still ponds and flooded pools will not do as well with this sort of filter esp in a smaller tank where there is no escape from the current as there would be in say a 4-foot tank. Also plants do better with slower water movement if you are contemplating them.

If the filter is new, and the store is reputable, they should exchange it if that is your decision. I always have planted tanks so in anything smaller than a 50g I would use a simple sponge filter, and a canister in larger tanks. But I have small forest fish; larger fish and some from flowing streams need more water movement so a canister or the HOB would work better.

I agree on the heater, that was a very wise decision; I have a 150w in my 33g. The higher wattage heaters seem to be more reliable and they work less to do the job as you mention so they tend to last.


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